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Next Program - Advice Needed

My aniversery is comming up and I want to look as good as possible for the wife. I have 24 weeks of training untill the date. I’m figuring 14 for training and 10 for leaning out. I’m trying to decide how to structure my 14 weeks of bulking to maximise my gains, and i need some help.

First, I’ve been training for about 5 years, but have been out of the gym for about 6 months due to work.

Second, Diet will be Massive eating while bulking and don’t diet during the lean out phase.

Third, I have a slight muscle imballance in my shoulders. I’m using the strong shoulders for life rear delt program to fix that.

I’m looking for advice on what programs and timing to maximise my gains, and also advice on supplimentation. I’ve had good results with 4-AD-EC so i’m considering that, but MAG-10 is setting in the back of my mind wispering “come to me, the precious is calling!!!”

Once I get the schedule straight i’ll post starting pictures as well as progress pictures along the way.

any help the members of the nation would be greatly appreciated.


14 weeks (bulking): ABBH then Total Body Training
10 weeks (leaning): The next big three
Have a good time !