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next phase of my learing

Okay guys I have finally constructed a first cycle for myself. That being said I am still not mentally capable of starting. I have some more research that must be obtained. So I guess that is where you come in. I am trying to learn of all possible side affects and warning signs that I may look for throughout my cycle. I have a reasonable amount of knowledge when it comes to gyno, but I am wanting to know how it may affect libido, hairloss,liver function, etc…
I guess my question in all of this is are there any articles, post’s, or maybe even personal experience in which I can learn a little more on this subject. I think this knowledge is a valuable part of your “training” process. Speaking as a newbie, there is just as much mental preperation and knowledge to obtain as there is to have built the perfect diet and work out routine. Here is what my cycle will consist of, so if you know of any side affects and or anything else that may be of interest, please let me know.
Aratest 250
EQ 400
Thai Dbol 5mg
clomid as anti e
Thanks for anything you can provide.

Lots of people will be glad to help but you should post your cycle structure, not just what drugs you plan to include. How long, dosing regimen, stuff like that. Then it will be easier to critique and suggest PCT and discuss possible sides, etc.

Right on JustinP.
This is definitely a learning phase.