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Next Phase After BBB Challenge

A big thank you to Jim for the Boring But Big Three-Month Challenge!

Only have two workouts left, and the results have been great. Random guys at the gym are commenting that I’ve gotten bigger, and one of my friends said he almost didn’t recognize me. (He had just seen me about 10 days earlier.)

Chest, shoulder and upper-arm circumferences all went up dramatically, and there wasn’t noticeable body fat added (going by the mirror). The program also allowed me to hit PRs on the squat and deadlift during all three cycles and PRs on the bench and overhead press during the first two cycles. (I had to reset the upper-body lifts on the 70 percent cycle.)

At the beginning, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to get the 5x10 weight at 70 percent for the third cycle. (290 pounds for five sets of 10 on the deadlift sounded like a nightmare a few months ago when I had been looking ahead.) But my training max was well below 90 percent of the actual max for the squat and deadlift—and as everyone has seen, if you follow Jim’s advice, you get results. (I had relatively higher TMs for the bench and overhead press, so it makes sense that I had to reset in the third cycle—but it still worked great.)

*****Here’s the question for Jim or anyone else who has had experience with the BBB Challenge. My plan is to move on to 5 sets of 5 reps at 80 percent, but I was considering first possibly doing one cycle of BBB Variation #2 (the specific one listed on page 20 from the “Beyond” book) in order to milk out as much of the gains as possible in this rep range.

Would that be setting myself up to burn out, and should I just move on to the 5 by 5 at 80 percent instead of trying a cycle of Variation 2?

You’ll be fine if:

  1. You believe you can do it. Which right now, you don’t. If you did believe it, you wouldn’t ask. That’s not even debatable.
  2. You eat as directed. If you want to be something “more”, you don’t eat like everyone else. It’s funny how hard people want to train and then they eat like trendy bulimics- all under the guise of health and strength. What a fucking joke. And this wonderful trend is being perpetuated by nameless wonders and Internet Celebrity diet experts.

Thank you, Jim. All of your programming advice and tips in the past have worked, so I am now sure it will work and will be starting that cycle this week. And you’re definitely right about the importance of believing in a program (as you’ve explained many times). When I began the BBB Challenge, there was no doubt it would work, and the results were even better than I expected.