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Next Mr. Olympia Video


I thought that some people could use a little motivation to stay on top of their current goals.


Diesel Weasel looks good.


Arm band tattoo and a Yankees fan! If he's got skinny wheels he's hit the dumbshit trifecta.


Whoa!!! Is that serious? What a fucking moron. All the women who see that need to tell him what a douche he is. Really, does he think he's big?


shit thats embarrassing.. . and I was watching with the sound off!


There is something very wrong with that boy. Who the hell video tapes themselves dancing around like a fucktard?


HOOO-LEEEE CRAP that was funny


That flexing poser has nothing on this guy:


This. Is. HILARIOUS!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!

Check out these obliques. Do you like that...? I know you do.

Ha ha ha ha!!! What a moron for letting his brother get a hold of this!!


That guy posing is one of the biggest loosers I've ever seen. It's fucking unbelievable how someone can see themselves as being what they think they are when in fact they're really a dipshit. If he's joking that's very funny, if he's joking...

I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks this, but he would be good for porn movies. Yeah you like that? yeah baby, suck on my nuts, yeah now like my shit hole, yeah how does that taste? What the hell is that rubber thing? a DENTAL DAM?

         totally fucked,
                        tin can


Well he does look like he lifts...poor poor bastard. (shaking head)