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Next Level Ambition

I’ve been lifting now for about a year. When I started I was 235lbs, 33% body fat, and a weak little(big) f*cker.

In a year, I have dropped 45lbs, 14% body fat and got a lot stronger.

I’ve been maintaining this weight for around 6 months now - I fluctuate between 185 and 195, but its pretty constant. All in all I’ve been really happy with the transformation that I’ve achieved -until now. I’ve decided to go further than before and to reach a much leaner physiqe, so here goes! I’ve not used an online training log before, but as I’m now in a permanent job, I will have time and access in order to keep it updated. I don’t mind if no-one reads it, or if everyone reads it. If it inspires some people then awesome, if it doesn’t then OK.

Here’s the deal. I’m doing a 4 day classic split. In addition I have 1 day swimming and 1 day rowing which will fulfill my cardio for a while.

Time Frame: I’m going to do this by Easter '09.
Goals: 13% body fat. I’m not interested in reaching any poundage in particular, the higher it stays the happier I’ll be.

That’s it. Very simple goal, very simple rules. Eat clean, enjoy the ride!

I’ll update what I’ve done this week in a sec on another post…

Monday: Upper Body Day. 3x10. Bench press, chinups, dips, seated row, cable fly, reverse cable fly
Tuesday: Lower Body/Core. Plank - 3x1 minute, side plank each side - 3x45seconds. Dumbell row, DB lunges, squat, deadlift. Finish with 100 crunches. 25 front, 25 side, 25 (other)side, 25 front.
Wednesday: Rowing day. 500m warm up. 1 mile challenge, 2k slow burner, 1k sprint.
Thursday: Swimming. 32 lenghts of a 32m pool.

Not that anyone is reading this, but if you are interested in my daily thoughts, its all on my blog. I’m going to reserve this thread for my progress pics and stats!