Next Lean Mass Cycle?

Hellooo, complete newbie to these forums, anyway can’t quite make my mind up about my next cycle (2nd) was thinking of starting around June time and thinking lean mass really want to try trenbolone but would like some advice on 1. Dosage. 2. How much test to use with. 3. Best pct afterwards. I’m 30 years old been training 7 years. h 5’9 w 12.5 stone. Previous cycle was 12 weeks. test c 2ml pw (400mg) equipoise 2m pw (400mg) then winstrol 40mg Ed last 4 weeks. Any help much appreciated :ok_hand:

I would probably fix your diet and/or training. You have been training for 7 years AND you’ve already cycled with multiple compounds…yet you are 175 lbs. (12.5 stone). Something isn’t right…

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Maybe he only started training at aprox 10 stone,
But I definitely agree to many compounds for first cycle,

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I had great results with test/Tren/winny, used Nolva and clomid for pct, and adex and caber during cycle. Keep the dosages more on the low end, I went too high with mine and it ended up being more of a waste, I could have had similar results with less and an easier recovery.

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A lot of guys like to run test on the low side, tren around 300-350, and add in mast. Personally I’m uninterested in the side effects that come with tren, so I cannot give you any real experiences. But the reality is that you can get what you want with the right diet coupled with a fairly straightforward cycle of test another anabolic of your choice. Anavar, winstrol, masteron, all three are dry and won’t cause you much in the way of difficult side effects. Hell, you could do test and EQ again but up the dose.


IMO, you probably don’t need gear based on your stats. You certainly should rethink tren. I guess why use it, unless you need it (at least competing in bbing, or strength sports, and I would say you should be high level).

Basically, why use harsh compounds and high doses at your level (and mine too, I’m 5’10, 215 @ 18ish percent body fat), if you could get 80 percent the gains with 10-20 percent of the negatives by being responsible.

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Thanks for your imput too mate, yeah everyone said run the eq much higher…

Thanks man will keep in mind if I end up…

Hi mate, thanks for your input, I started out at about 11st was (skinny fat) my aim wasn’t to get freaky big and still isn’t i love the “aesthetic” look. When I ran that cycle I hit pbs on absolutely everything was amazing! And even now kept a decent amount of size.

just hope gyms around the world open by the time you plan to start!!

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Amen bro :pray:

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