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Next Day Energy in Relation to Carbs?

Im posting this looking for some insight on energy levels compared to the intake of carbs. im a good size boy, 5’11" 239, down from around 285lbs. My carb intake currently runs around 100-120grams per day counting veggies. when i stick to this amount or lower i feel fine the next day, good energy, enhanced mood.

When i spike the carbs up, over 200+ or so, the next day im pissing, slow and lethargic. my lifts dont suffer, but… Is this perhaps due to Insulin sensitivity, or the digestion of the carbs? No rockets science here folks, just some ideas to ponder and maybe ill try an altered aproach on my nutrition intake.
-all advice appreciated.

I actually look better the day after a higehr carb intake. While I’m not being totally regimented at the moment, I do consciously have higher and lower days, and after a couple of low, or even moderate days (I usually ingest around 175g a day), I’ll toss in an over 250g which has an effect as soon as I get up the next day (usually more vascular).

As far as how I feel, I’ll be honest, I’m not currently having such a huge difference in high vs low intake levels, so I don’t suffer from the real lathargic moments that I do when I’m actively cutting. If you think it’s a real issue, try bumping your normal intake just slightly so that your body can adjust to a higher level of carbs on a regular basis.


thanks Stu. its all a chess match, trying to find what works. yesterday i hit 246grams and felt like a kid this morning. Ill keep at it, we are all different when it comes to nutrient intake.