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Next Damn 3 For 2 Sale


C'mon TC ! I wanna save a third ! When's the next damn 3 for 2 sale !?!?


I asked a few weeks ago. No plans for anything soon.



Sen, you need to learn better persuasive skillz. And it would help if you sent him a boobie shot of She Say.


pm me one (or 2, etc) of your boobie shots to give me some idea what you're suggesting...and don't send me no damn blue toed ducks !


I'd send boobie pics of my fiance for a sale like last year

sample of the goods, TC- do we have a deal


I'd buy some shit if a sale like last years was done again, too. And I haven't really bought anything. TC, win me as a customer!!


You're actually saving a half.

Sorry, but I need to keep the math part of my brain working through this weekend.

Actually, it could be a third. It depends on how you look at it.


Buy 2, get 1 free...
1 Metabolic Drive / 3 Metabolic Drive = 1/3


Ai chi wah wah ! We um, have this thread called Sexy Wives and Girlfriends...you sir...need to post early and often.


I would never exploit her that way.... TC, umm supplement sale is ok for exploitation


Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking.


Welcome to the internet. Brain optional.


I agree, you need to keep the math part of your brain working through this weekend.


I hate simple math. Calc makes me overthink.


Yeah...by a sixth.


Hey, I have done problems that I wrote an equation for a parabola instead of a line all because the wording made it sound like related rates.


Hell no, I just made a fucking $2000+ order. Let's wait till next year.