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Next Dallas Coach


I've heard Jon Gruden wants the job. Anyone have any thoughts on who'll get the job and if TO will still be around dropping balls next year?


1) Gruden would be great.

2) The Fans seem to want Stoops (OU)

3) T.O. needs to go. That's too much for a new Coach wanting to make his mark.





Thats the first I've heard his name mentioned. But, Gruden is still under contract with the Bucs until the end of the 2007 season. Getting him would require the Cowboys to compensate the Bucs (the Bucs gave up 2 first round draft picks plus 8 million cash to get him). I know Jerry isn't afraid to spend money, but that is a lot to spend on a guy who, besides the 02 season, hasn't had been too impressive.

I've heard Jeff Fisher mentioned, as well as, Bill Cowher, however both are under contract and would require compensation. And Cohwer has made it known that he wants to sit this year out.

Stoops is another name that I've heard, along with Houston Nutt, the head coach of Arkansas. Former Cowboy great Dan Reeves is even said to be interested in the job.

Personally I see Stoops being the next head coach. He's been offered other NFL jobs but turned them down, I think he is just waiting for the right job to come up and this might suit him best. And if he came maybe he can make Roy Williams look like he is worth it again.


i've heard norv turner, also wade phillips the d-coordinator for the chargers. I wouldnt mind seein phillips as the new head coach. The boys need a coach with a defensive mind and knows how to use the 3-4. Id like to have turner aboard as an offensive coordinator but thats just not gonna happan.


It doesn't matter who the new coach will be. Dallas needs a new owner.


The name I keep hearing is Lovie Smith.


No black coach in his right mind should lower himself to work for Jones.

Hell - as far as that goes - no coach that is worth his salt should want to work under a power hungry asshole like Jerry Jones.


I am glad to see Parcells go. He may have had success before but what he was doing was not getting the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. The last 5 games were pathetic. The boys don't need some retread like Phillips, Reeves or a college coach like Stoopes. The trend in the NFL is young assistant coaches. Here is a name for you Mike Singletary. He knows alittle about defense and is certainly tough enough to handle a guy like TO. Who by the way I would love to see get cut, he's not worth the headache.


Jimmy Johnson


Love him or hate him, Jimmy was a great coach. But even he wouldn't want to coach TO.

And a man with the pride and ego of Jones can't get rid of TO and admit that he made a mistake, much less a critical one. He'll ride that horse 'til it drops.

If Jones had an ounce of sense, he'd see that Parcells might have won if Jones hadn't meddled. But owners have never been accused of having a lot of sense -- just a lot of money.


Parcells was not the problem. Old or not, he was an excellent coach, and his career reflects that. The problem with the Cowboys is, always has been, and always will be, the fact that they are a bunch of overpaid, wanna-be superstars who want to play the game of football as INDIVIDUALS, not as a team.

If Jerry Jones would quit trying to solve the problem by throwing money at alleged superstars like Deion Sanders and T.O., and would allow his coaches to run the team instead of trying to do it himself from the skybox, they might actually have a decent shot.

What the Cowboys need is some hard workers on the field, not a new coach.
Blaming Parcells for their pathetic performance is like trying to blame a doctor cos he can't cure your cancer. The problem stems from within.


Jimmy Johnson was great? OK, take away the rape of Minnesota for what was it, 24 draft picks? My take is that Jimmy was marginal. His legacy coaches, not a one has turned out to be worth a shit. Did any have a winning record? What did Jimmy have in Miami? How many years? What was the win percentage there? 5 games over 500 in 5 years? Took a team from Shula who was "washed up" at that point according to some, and won fewer games the next year. 55.3% overall.
Jerry Jones was reported to have said that any coach could have taken the Cowboys to the superbowl, and the legendary, huckleBarry Switzer did.


I think Dallas is headed downhill.

Romo is probably going to be a mediocre starter and I suspect he will want big bucks.

If they think he is the QB of the future they will probably get themselves in trouble.

This situation is far more important than TO and I have no idea whatthey are doing.

Are they looking for a long term solution at QB or do they think Romo can handle it?




Interesting. Johnson had a good eye for talent and I think he did well with his Dallas draft bonanza.

He certainly has not left a trail of good coaches out there.


I'm praying they don't take Norv Turner from me. That guy has something amazing things up his sleeve.

Lovie Smith? I don't see the logic behind that. Why would the head coach of the theororetical best team in the NFC go to a less successful team in the same conference? However, I'm predicting that the Bears will follow in the tradition of Super Bowl losers and have a poor season next year.


Denny Green going once....twice....


Why in the world would Jeff Fisher leave Tennessee? He has a team that is exciting. His QB is the QB of the future. That team is on the way up. Dallas -- who knows? They have talent but they need more. Romo -- who knows?

I can't believe Parcells is quitting now. If he leaves now the word will be -- Parcells won his Superbowls with Bilicheck (or however the hell you spell his name) but couldn't win without him. Belichick won three Superbowls without Parcells and went to a fourth AFC Championship during a "down" season.


They couldn't pay me enough to coach Dallas.

Actually, maybe 10 billion dollars. Now PHILLY, now that I just won't do.