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Next Cycles Following Building the Monolith?


I’m about to finish the Building the Monolith program (completely in love with it, will run it again for sure) and I was wondering what’s recommended for the following cycles. Since I assume BtM = 2 cycles of Leader, I was thinking of deloading for a week and then doing 1-2 cycles of Anchor, something along these lines:

Main 3/5/1 (PR’s on weeks 1 and 3), FSL 3-5x5
Push/pull/legs 50-100 reps each

Is this too much given the brutality of BtM? I usually handle volume pretty well so I think I can do it, but I’d love any feedback.

Also, I’d love to keep the weighted chins in my routine. How would I go about it?


Monolith is a complete program. Once you complete it, do another (5/3/1 3/5/1) program. Jim’s blog has a great pull up/chin up post - google “Wendler chin ups”. Monolith is a combination of 5x5/3/1 and BBS - I’m in my last week and yes, it’s been brutal, brutally awesome that is; but I wouldn’t use it in a typical leader/anchor. I’m curious what Jim has to say about this.

Anyway - do your 7th week deload and do two leader cycles, 1 anchor cycle of w/e you chose for your goal.


You can just go into PR/5x5 FSL - it generally exists by itself but it’s pretty obvious that it would be considered a Leader.