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Next Cycle

going to start my new cycle in a couple of days and just looking for input from people whith exp with what i am using.
i will be running
500mg sust e/w for 12weeks
400mg tren-e e/w for 8weeks
400mg deca e/w for 11weeks
75mg anadrol ed for 4weeks

so what u guys think . any help or opinions are welcome. thanks in advance

looks pretty badass. hope you have a decent anti-e and a good PCT plan.

forgot to put it in there but will run proviron during cycle and nolva and clomid after

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did not know that thanks, what do u recomened i do or move things around , i also have on hand some winny to mix in or sub with another

750mgs sus ew 12-14weeks
400mgs deca ew 10 weeks
50mg anadrol ed weeks 1-4

Not speaking for myself, but not many people I know have trouble with deca, and everyone seems to love it.

Thats what I would do, but I’m sure bushy will have better advice :stuck_out_tongue: