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Next Cycle?

im contemplating on when I should start my 2nd cycle. my first cycle I ran was a 10 weeker of test E 500mg 1-10wk and d-bol for 25 mgs 1-4wk. that first cycle put me up about 20 pounds heavier. from 208 to 227. i would say half or less of water. anyway my last injection was 27 days ago.im thinking of starting the first week of febuary.im going to run 600mgs of test E and 300mgs of deca for 10 weeks. any vets that would object to this idea please do! thanks p–dub

Time on=Time off…I personally start my pct when exogenous test levels drop below 200mg. If you did it this way, you could begin your next cycle 10 weeks from the start of pct.
I know more conservative bbers who don’t consider their time off AAS until they finish PCT. These are typically bro’s who are just recreational users, because it’s just not realistic for a bber competing at a high level to take that much time off and expect to have success in the sport.


thanks for the reply Katz. I think im going to run my cycle 10 weeks from start of pct. im thinking i might just do 300mgs of test instead of 600mgs.i will probably substitute it with some winstrol.later p-dub