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Next Cycle


currently on first cycle (gear newb but advanced lifter)

750mg test prop week
48mg epistane ED

  • week cycle first and last two weeks tapering orals

Can only do 8ish week cycles because I have a hormone test every 12 weeks.

But I want to do 8 on 4 cruise 8 on 4 cruise and if blood tests/health permits 8 more on before cruising for 2-3 months.

I want to try something else fast acting for the next cycle.
Any ideas?

Tren ace?
More Test Prop?


Don't forget about orals, they will be in and out pretty quick as well. NPP may be the shorter ester but its still detectable for quite a long time (up to 1 yr i believe.) Google detection times of steroids and you should be able to find a list on another forum easy as.


if you are going to be tested, I would honestly just stick with testosterone ace/prop.. too easy to fail drug tests

what is your cruise dose going to be?


I'm not going to be drug tested but rather just hormone tested to make sure I'm in range.

The 4 week cruises are only going to be 150mg test week.
The 2-3 month cruise is going to be closer to 200-250mg week but dropping to 150mg/week about 3 weeks before the blood test.


Oh right. So basically you just need to keep your test low is that all?


I can't speak on NPP but I'd be careful with Tren Ace man. I ran it for 6 weeks and bloods showed my prolactin was significantly elevated.I didn't run caber during cause didn't see any sides from it but just something to keep in mind.

By the way there's nothing wrong with running the same cycle dosages several times, especially that dosage which is considerably high for first timer. If it didn't show the results you wanted I'd alter nutrition and training, not drugs.

Also I'm assuming you'll be getting a full panel done so if you do I'd say run orals all the way through the blast and check how your body takes it with the blood results. You might be able to get away with using them every blast if not every other. Good luck man.



I mean I'm about 22 days in and things are going very well (up 9 lbs and the same leanness) I'm coming off of a mini cut and slowly increasing calories so gains might not be as good as if I just started bulking or increased calories faster but my goal is not over do it like many and get fat on cycle just because I feel like I can get away with more. Plus this isn't my most important cycle and only 4 weeks after this one I'm going back on for another 8 weeks so I'm sure calories will be higher and more dialed in for that one.

Maybe I'll do a repeat of the same cycle dose, I'd rather not run orals every cycle though because I'd like to occasionally drink on special occasions.

Anyways I do want to see how other compounds affect me because I'm hoping to be ready to compete MPD next spring/summer/fall to which things like mast/tren/winny could really benefit me vs just test and one oral.

the body in this thread might be a picture of someone who was once upon a time a natty who may be on drugs now so if this body doesn't look better after drugs then he just doesn't have the genetics for drugs.



so I guess I could use other compounds during the cruise since the only thing that comes up as test is... test


would you expect test to be higher on this schedule?

Mon 150 prop
Wed 150 prop
Thurs 150 cyp
Fri 150 prop
Sun 150 prop
Mon blood test

would one utd the prop for probably underdosed?


Yeah I'd say that is little low atleast. Your shooting 750mg of prop a week. I'd figure you be atleast 2500+. What I am basing off of.

200mg every 6 days Test E- Puts me just over 1100 when I was first put on TRT.
500mg week- 2200ish
1000mg- 3200
2000mg put me at like 5300 if I am not mistaken my Estro was considerably higher than your broke into well over 100.

I don't have the tests in front of me and the first 2 were over 4 years old now so I can't remember exact numbers. But id say your gear is slightly underdosed. Your still double the maximum natural limit according to labs any way. Your lab uses a pretty low reference range though the lab my docs use now are 340-1200 or something. But none the less


When I run 500mg Test E per week my blood hangs around 3000ng/dl. I think Prop will always be lower since the concentration peaks and drops much quicker than a longer ester so it comes down to timing. Just my guess. Interesting though.