Next Cycle

I’m currently saving up for and planning out my next cycle. My first one went really well. I’d like to do a few things differently this next one- such as having arimidex. But this isn’t about things learned…

Anyways, can I get some opinions on my current idea?

Test Cyp: 500 mg, 250mg injected twice weekly. Weeks 1-12.
Tren Ace: 50mg injected daily for 8 weeks. If my body handles it well, I might bump the dose up to 75 mg daily.

An oral for 4 weeks. I’ve supposedly done dbol before, but honestly, I’m 99% sure it was fake. I was thinking of running halotestin. I know I can get legitimate halo and anadrol.(I’m sure I could with dbol, but still, running fake dbol has me turned against it)

So, would running halo and tren at the same time be fine? From what I’ve read, they both lower T3 somewhat so I have my concerns with that.

Ancillaries: Arimidex and nolva. If I can get my hands on it, hCG as well.

My source suggested that I double the nolva for my PCT instead of the standard 40/40/20/20(I think some even drop to 10 on the last week.) So I guess that would be 80 mgs/80/40 mgs/40 mgs. I think the 40 mg a day plan should be fine(it seems to be so far). What do you all think? Any suggestions or changes? I’m still new to this so I’m just looking to learn.

I figured this might help too. My goals are primarily to get stronger- which is why the tren and halo seem so appealing. Current bodyweight is 220. I wouldn’t mind peaking at about 240 by the end of this cycle which I plan on starting right after the new year.

Cycle sounds good. For an oral go with anadrol for strength. Halotestin will not give you lasting gains, only a boost in aggression and strength immediately afterwards. People talk shit about drol being harsh on the liver, but doses well over 200mgs per day have been used medicinally and proven relatively safe if used for less than 6 months. Just get checked to keep your liver values and haematocrit in check.
There are reports of tren lowering t3, I would consider a low dose of it if that’s something you’re comfortable adding.
Standard pct should be fine.

I have noticed the sources most people go through have no damn clue how to run a cycle. I recommend 40/40/20/20 nolva…also might want to put up when/how you plan to use serm/ai. This is where most people seem to screw up.

Thanks, DD. I’ll probably stick to 50 mg a day for the first four weeks for the Anadrol then.

German, I’m currently running the 40/40/20/20 nolva as I recently completed a cycle. It would make sense to follow the same protocol after the next cycle. I’ve currently not needed to use an AI, but the plan is having Arimidex to start using at 0.5mg a day if I start to get some strong gyno symptoms.

As for the nolva, if I do end up with test cyp and not propionate(which I really like despite the PIP and extra injects) I’ll probably start about 10 days after my last test injection. If it’s prop that I go with, the plan is to start nolva 3 days after my last injection.

As for hCG, I haven’t run it in the past, and I still don’t know for sure on the best way to run it.(Admittedly, I haven’t done nearly as much research on hCG as I should have) I know some on here have suggested running during, others as PCT, and some people find it’s unnecessary. I know, I’ll get recommendations on here to run it, so any advice on how or when to run it (During, PCT, or both) would be helpful.