Next Cycle

Haven’t been on here like I used to. Still competing in powerlifting, and for those who care my plan to break an alltime record came up a little short… ended up only walking away from the meet with my opener, but I still have plenty of time in my career.

Cycle experience: Several test only cycles @ 500 per week, Test E(500mg)/superdrol(15mg ED) cycle (best so far), gram of test+ 50mg anadrol+20mg dbol cycle (worked very well), and my last cycle was prepping for that last big meet.

Most recent big cycle was
Week 1-12 Test E 1000mg per week
Week 7-12 Tren A 50mg ED
Week 1-12 EQ 400mg per week (mostly to keep the tren from affecting endurance… It worked)
Week 8-12 D-bol 60mg ED
Week 10-12 Test prop 50mg ED
Test suspension was taken at 50-100mg per time pre-workout.

Next cycle plan
Week 1-12 750 Test E
Week 1-12 600mg Tren e
Week 1-3 Superdrol 15mg ED
Week 10-12 Superdrol 15mg ED
Tren and/or Test suspension will be taken pre-workout on max effort days as well.

I know that you know what you’re doing; but do you think the 12 weeks of high-ish test and high tren will cause any problems? If you can tolerate that (I know some can, I cannot) I would forecast some great gains :slight_smile:

Good luck


Jesus H, dude, where have you been?! Sorry to hear about your last meet. Cycle looks good, too. Best of luck to ya!

Just haven’t been online as much


Should have also mentioned, I cruise and blast, and usually have no estrogen problems.

I was fine last cycle with a gram until I added the d-bol and prop… Adex at .25mg EOD seemed to solve it. Evidently I am pretty sensitive to adex.

Currently considering adding GHRP-6 as well. I liked it last time.

I am getting some halo. I was getting tren suspension, but the dude never followed through.

So halo and test suspension will be used before big training sessions.

Getting some GHRP-6 to help heal up a few things.

Test/tren will stay the same though. Should be a good run.