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Next Cycle: Sustanon, Dbol, Anavar. Opinions?

Opinions/ suggestions on the following cycle.

Weeks 1-16
Sustanon250 600mg per week

Weeks 1-4
Dbol 40mg per day

Weeks 10-16
50mg Anavar per day

Weeks 18-22

Pct is about two weeks too soon and two weeks too short.

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That’s a long ass cycle. I see diminished gains after 12 weeks personally but we are all different. I second what @iron_yuppie suggested.

Yeh I’ve done two 12 week cycles with good results, just want to try 16 weeks and see how I go. Worse case scenario I see reminisced gains after 12 weeks and I go back to doing 12 week cycles.

Thanks @iron_yuppie for the PCT advice I will Definitely modify that.

Is there anything you guys would add or change? Keep in mind it’s a cutting cycle. Previous cycles were for bulking and this time Around I want a more lean chiseled look.

If you’re cutting then you can decrease the test dose. Frankly trt levels plus anavar is all you need.

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I still want to gain some size/muscle, I just want a more ripped look towards the end of my cycle, so maybe I will decrease test to 400mg per week.

What results would I get from 600mg per week along with the Dbol and Anavar at the end?

I don’t understand, testosterone induces quite a bit of bloat/water retention, aside from aiding in a full/puffy look, which you’ll get from dbol (and anavar will give you somewhat of a fuller look) there’s no point in adding test… remember longevity is key here, you’re running well over a gram of gear…

no one can say for certain what you’re results will be, but rest assured you’ll def look amazing if you ran test (trt) primo and var (Isn’t this called the “champagne stack?”)… because of how fucking expensive it is lol

Weeks 16-20 you going cold turkey? Why not use the anavar from weeks 16-19.4 to keep you anabolic while the test works out of your system? By week 18 /19 your levels will be low but not ready for PCT yet. I always used HCG the last 2 weeks of cycle and 4 weeks of bridging into pct along with a short ester or oral. It’s not wrong if you don’t, maybe just not optimal for feeling good and results.