Next Cycle Suggestions?

I recently started working out again (heavily) about 4 months ago. Last year I got some blood work done and my T’s came back at an astonishing 118 (yea, my daughter has more test in her most likely ) so I began test E at 400mg a week. And I train extremely hard. My diet is getting better but I have not committed to the full chicken and rice set .
I’m hoping to get into some primo , NPP, deca. Anything to continue some decent gains .

I recommend a 6 month cycle of eating right before touching more AAS. You’ve got plenty of size on you, too much of it is fat though.

Lean out first, then blast IMO. You’ll get better results, and like the way you look way more.

TRT wouldn’t be unwarranted if you’ve got repeated low levels, just make sure your test is an actual test.

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This is a short amount of time brother to jump into a cycle.

When did you start and finish?

NPP and Nandrolone(Deca) are the same drug with a different ester.

Nobody knows your body like you do. This post would be best served if you laid out your plan and asked for critiques. If I were you I would cut down a bit first. You’ve gained a lot of size but the mid section could be tighter…

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You guys are smarter than me. I’d say I been on test for about 5 months now. I used to be built nicely. And honestly don’t mind being thick or not having a tighter stomach. I just don’t want to pointlessly take something that won’t do anything if I’m eating wrong or something in those lines. I appreciate the help. I’ll most likely wait another year. See how I feel. Continue working out. I’m only 5’8” sitting at 205lbs so a lot of my weight sits in the tum tum.

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I haven’t stopped taking test.

That’s fine, but you will have better progress and gains if you lean out due to increased insulin sensitivity > nutrient partitioning (more food goes to muscle, less food goes to fat while in surplus).

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IMO, you have a nice thick, strong look.
Proceed as you feel best.

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