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Next Cycle Suggestions


Hey everyone, I just hit my last pin this past Thursday so I'm waiting for everything to leave my system before I start my PCT. I started the cycle with 500 test 400 mast and had decent results, however I wasn't lean enough to experience the visual effects of mast so I kind of regret that. I added in tren at 500mgs for about 4 weeks and absolutely hated the sides.

I'm prone to anxiety and should have known better but my sleep, specifically my dreams, were so bad I had to get off. I ended the cycle about 15 pounds heavier and a lot leaner however and still had no physical sides (I'm anal about vitamins and other naturals to reduce sides.) Ill be getting blood work after pct is done before I even think about another cycle but that leads me to my question..what should I be running next cycle if I want to cut.

First off my plan is to try and stay lean as possible and continue to get leaner into my next cycle and try to keep the majority of my gains ( after my first cycle I thought it was smart to pig out to hold my weight and I really regret that).

I want to run a low dose of test as my base, something just to hit that anabolic threshold around 250-300 (most likely 300) I would consider anything higher per your recommendations based off of experience. I was thinking either trying oral winny with test or var but Im not willing to waste the money and end up with bad var.

So if you guys have any suggestions for a cutting cycle or even something lean bulk I'd love to see what you guys have to say because I've done a lot of playing around and I've finally hit that sweet spot with my diet and can't wait to see what I can do next time around. I would also consider going for a recomp just because I have the genetics to stay lean and grow when my diets in check

Thanks everyone


For my next blast I plan on keeping it simple and run a gram (possibly more) of test and that's it. Possibly some dbol for the last four weeks if I plan on competing.

I fucking love tren, but I get way too hot and angry when I run it, so I just want to have fun next time around. I just finished 12 weeks of 750mg test/600eq, honestly the eq wasn't worth the money, I should have just saved my money or bought more test.

So my suggestion is: More test.


My next will be my second and I know this is going to sound completely crazy, but I'm going to run Test Cyp at 140 mg (TRT dose) and 50mg EOD of Test Prop with .25 of Anastrozole EO3D.

Less is more?


thanks for the reply guys, I decided I'm also gonna stick with a few low doses. I also did decide to come completely off since I'm young I think it's better to just let my body get back to natural levels without a cruise dose. I'm gonna run super low clomid and for only two weeks with a bunch of DAA which worked great for me last time.

Final decision was

200-300 test E/wk wk 1-12
300-400 Deca/wk wk 1-12
weeks 5-12 50mg oral winny distributed as 25mg morning 25 mg late afternoon or night
low dose adex maybe .5mg twice a week on days after pin as well as a caber tab days after pin since I usually respond poorly with prolactin. ( tren gave me instant prolac gyno which went away with caber) I did also have gyno removed on both sides which was hereditary and not from gear and had no problems when I ran test however when I added tren I immediately noticed some coming back.

So definitely gonna be careful with the deca


weeks 5-12 for winny