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Next Cycle Planned

Hi guys,

Bit of info on myself -
4th cycle
All cycles I have been on apart from first has involved tren ace
On TRT for life

So my next cycle I’m planning is:
250mg Test e every 3 days
100mg Tren a every day
50mg Winny oral everyday
I have caber which I will take twice a week
I have armidex which I will also take twice a week
That’s what I have planned basically which I know “dangerous” cycle doing winny and tren, But I’ve done before and had no problem at that exact dose.
My main question is, And I don’t really understand it at all is I want to involve HGH. I’ve read a bit into it and my plan is to run 8UI every other day along side everything else I will be taking. Is this retarded to do? Is that a low dose? Have people done this before?

Cheers guys.

No one :o?

Haven’t ever run HGH. I do take MK-677 to increase endogenous GH and IGF-1. I would be careful with blood glucose with tren and GH. I would think 4 iu ED is better than 8 iu EOD? From what I have heard GH is a very expensive way to add muscle. It is worth it to move up a position or two in a pro show possibly.

Cheers for your reply, I’ve ready online that taking HGH everyday can potentially build up anti bodies and then make it not so efficient, Can anyone agree to this?