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Next Cycle Plan - Primo/Test E/TNE/Dbol


38 y/o
6' 205-210, visible abs (not ripped by any means, but...call it a 4-5 pack)
Been lifting over 20 years, diet is decent, I will tighten it up as much as possible when on (I'll probably be deployed for at least part of it, so diet is partially out of my hands)

First cycle was a very stupid Sust/Deca cycle where I used way too much (1000mg/600mg) and did no PCT. I'm lucky everything still works:) Most recently, did a couple TBol and TBol/MHN oral only cycles, and did a series of 3 on/5 off cycles of Tren A/Test P/Mast P last year.

Gained good weight on the shorties, but was still pretty smooth (got up over 220). This time, I am looking to gain good, quality muscle that should be easy to keep.

I'm still putting together my plan for my next cycle. It will be a longer cycle (12 weeks or more), built around Primo with a TRT dose of Test E. I have seen some interesting stuff on my source's site (TNE/Dbol blend - 75mg/25mg), and was thinking about working it in.

Base of cycle would be:

Primo 700-1000mg/week (haven't nailed down exact dosage I want to use yet)
Test E 250mg/week, and then switch to Prop after ending the Primo for 3-4 weeks before starting PCT (couple days off everything before starting PCT, as well).

The add on would be:
TNE/Dbol blend (75mg/25mg) once per day on lifting days

I've seen good reviews from using this as a pre-workout, and I am sufficiently intrigued. The reviews I have seen rave about the aggression and boost from it, but nothing much about sides. Using it in this manner would obviously cause some fluctuation in test levels, but I'm thinking the Test E TRT dose will keep it from crashing. I am also expecting some water gain, but I will be using Exemestane with it to keep aromatization at bay. I'm thinking to start it at 12.5mg per day and adjust as needed to avoid the bloat.

At the end of the cycle, three weeks of Test Prop (50mg/day) to let the longer esters clear, and then I will do a 4 week 40/40/20/20 Nolva PCT (unless I should do a longer PCT due to a long cycle?).

So, thoughts? Am I missing anything?


I would extend the PCT for a 12 week cycle and I would not use the Dbol for the whole 12 weeks. Injectable Dbol is still filtered out by the liver. I actually have the same product and I wouldn't run it over 6 weeks personally. Some people run orals (even though its injected its still the same stuff) for longer but I just don't

Why Primo? Not that Primo won't be effective but why not Tren? Low Test and high Tren is a very common cycle. Although if you've never used Tren I'd do low Test med Tren.


eatmorefood - I have used Tren before (see above). Loved the weight gain, but between the lethargy and sides, not a real big fan. Last short cycle I ran I changed my dosing from all three being equal to high tren/low test/med mast. That took care of the sides and lethargy, but conditioning still went to shit while I was on. I may use it again in the future, but not anytime soon.

Like I said, looking for good solid weight gain while staying fairly lean and mild sides (if any). I've actually considered doing just the high dose primo and see how it goes, in spite of the prevailing wisdom to always include test in a cycle. If I did decide to go this route, I would still have the test E and prop on hand. That way a couple days of prop while waiting for the enanthate to build up would get things running again in the case of a total shutdown.

Good point on not running the dbol the whole time. My lifting runs off a 3 week cycle (531 with some personal mods), so maybe a 3 on/3 off with the TNE/Dbol, or maybe just on the heavy weeks (so every third week).


I apologize. I read it and apparently didn't commit that sentence to memory. The fluctuation will likely cause some interesting sides. The trt dose will keep you at a good baseline but you will need to stay on top of your AI. Good luck on your cycle. I'd see if you get a couple more respones. Always good to have a second or third opinion. Especially when they're free. Someone else could also see something that was missed. Apparently I'm doing that now as I missed your tren cycle.

I just happen to love tren and I'm lucky enough to not have it tank my cardio. It makes it tougher for me to do but it also makes me a beast and I just want to push through it.


If you indeed getting real primo and its not test p, I'd keep the dose High and run it 12 weeks minimum.

Any hcg?

I'd run a longer pct depending on the length of your cycle.

As far as the tne, I don't think you'll see much sides. I would prob up the AI a tad and not worry too much

I thought you were on trt??


Keeping on top of the AI was all I really meant. Anytime I use tne the ups and downs play hell with my estrogen. I can control by staying on top of my AI dosing but I wanted OP to be aware.


Oh no no I totally agree I knew what you were referring to, I didnt mean To come off like I was disagreeing with you.

For me I didn't notice any sides with TNE, I just upped the AI a tad and that's about it. but everyone is different and reapond different and it's always good to get a few opinions and advice.


I appreciate that. I didn't necessarily think you were disagreeing. I just thought after reading your statement that I could've and should've been more clear.

Also of note OP. If you have the same TNE/DBOL that I do. Which is likely. Mine does not like be cool in any way. I usually keep my "supplies" in a drawer in a room around 55 degrees. My vials of TNE/DBOL always need to be heated and cleared before use. Daily. They seem to come out of suspension overnight. Just an FYI for you. You may want to keep them around 70.


BUDs - No, not on TRT. Yet. :wink: Thanks for the response, I haven't played with too many compounds yet so I like to get some comments on which sides guys experienced.

eatmorefood - Thanks for the tip. That's about the temp we keep the house at anyway.