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Next Cycle, Need Feedback/Help



Male, 39 yo
5’9’’, 277lbs, 22% BF
Was at 350lbs a year and a half ago
Actually on TRT (Androgel) prescribed by a doctor

I work out 6 times a week, weight training
I eat very clean and lean
Breakfast: 8 white eggs, 2 yellow, 1 cup oatmeal, 1 cup of fruit
Am Snack: 3 scoops protein powder and bagel with peanut butter
Lunch: 8 oz lean meat and 2 cups veggies and 1 cup of rice or sweet potatoe
pm snack: 3 scoops protein powder in water
diner: 8 oz lean meat and 2 cups veggies
evening snack: 8 oz lean meat and 2 cups veggies

omega 3 4 per day
BCAA 15 per day
Calcium and Vit D: 6 per day
Creatine 5g PW
Glutamine 5g PW
Biotest Receptormax 3-6 per day
ZMA 3 per day

I am finishing my third cycle

Cycle #1
Test Cyp 250mg E2D for 10 weeks

Cycle #2
Tren A 75mg E2D

Cycle #3
W 1-7: Tren H (parabolan) 100mg E2D
W 1-7: Anavar 50mg ED
W 1-10: Test E 250mg 1/week
W 1 - : GH 3.3ui 6 days per week (for at least 6 months, ideally a year
W11: break
W12-13: HCG 2500UI E4D

At week 7 of this cycle, I got some measurements and I gained 15lbs and lost 2% BF, except for my thighs I lost at leats 1 inch of girth everywhere.

No gyno issues so far…

To date, my trainer was my advisor with the choice of products and cycle composition. And now, I am planing the next cycle that I will start in about a month (I am at week 8 of third cycle). Here is what I am thinking about:

Clen for 12 weeks 2 on, 2 off
Winstrol and probably a test not sure yet of frequency and dosage.

I was wondering:
1- if I can combine Clen with any AAS or if it should be taken separatly

2- should I add IGF-1 to optimize the injection of GH

3- I was thinking of Winstrol because of the benefits wrt fat loss, is there better product and/or combinasion I should consider (I would like some deca or D-bol but want to avoid water retention and BTW I don’t what to become too big too fast, wify is not aware of my process and I want to avoid having a heavy metal show at home if she learns…)


So im rahter lost here. You are not asking for advice on your next cycle as you are currently on your third. Which is in fact poorly laid out btw.

Add in a second shot of 250mg per week and start you hcg now at 250iu 2x per week if you plan to incorporate it.

  1. Do not take clen with out aas assistance as it will be very catabolic.

  2. NO idea as I have no personal experience with this.

  3. Why were you thinking on adding winstrol?

And by all means dont add deca or dbol or you may hit the pro stage next week becoming extremely huuuuuuge in the process.

I am asking for advice quit a bit in advance, I plan to start 4th cycle in 6 weeks and want to make sure I’ll have all the required gears. Provisioning may be long…

As for Clen, you answered what I thouhgt.

Winstrol, because I read it is good to be included in cutting cycle, I may be wrong.

Could you please explain why my 3rd cycle is so poorly laid out.

I’m not married, but AAS use doesn’t seem like something you should try and ‘slip-by’ a significant other.

Just my two cents.

I was considering not telling my significant other through fear of her not accepting it. Told her in the end and all is well…

“Just don’t spend too much money on it OK!?!! >:|”

Let’s sayt that I will tell her one day, it is just that I need to slowly educate her about these products. She is a microbiologist with some misunderstanding about AAS.

Anyway, the point is not about if I should say it or not but about the cycle I’m trying to figure out.

[quote]DOHCrazy wrote:
I’m not married, but AAS use doesn’t seem like something you should try and ‘slip-by’ a significant other.

Just my two cents.[/quote]

Yeah, thats a hard one to pull off. Much the horny teenager wacking off watching internet porn, a AAS user is bound to be caught. Either caught injecting or his clandestine stash/tampon purse converted to his medicine bag is bound to be found when he/she is putting away laundry or searching for money to go spend stupidly on clothing or idiotic, compulsive purchases. Try to explain or move on.

I really don’t know enough about GH to advise on this, but I would assume that while using GH you would not need to be using additional IGF-1, as the GH will stimulate production of it (I think, anyway, you need to research this on your own or have someone who knows more about GH than I do answer further).

Winstrol is not going to do much to assist in fat loss, that will come from your diet and cardio. Tren is, however, wonderful at stimulating lipolysis. You should be using it with test.

As far as keeping it from your wife, I just have no idea how some people do this. I know quite a few guys who seem to manage it pretty well, though. I am blessed in that my wife is completely understanding of all of the weird compounds I put in to my body. Actually, check that, she doesn’t understand them at at. She just trusts me.

Why is it that 22%'ers (who are nearer 305’ers) eat better than god?

EDIT: I meant 30%'ers

[quote] Brook wrote:
Why is it that 22%'ers (who are nearer 305’ers) eat better than god?[/quote]

I don’t ask to believe me…

Because few years ago we were at about 40% and we decided to take our life on the right way, eat healthy working out hard. I won’t say that I am 100% compliant to the diet, but I can guaranty I am 90% compliant. Not to say that I know I still have a lot of work to do.