Next Cycle Lean Bulk

Hi guys going to start my next cycle In 6 weeks all advice is welcomed currently on been on trt for 8 weeks kept all my gains from last cycle. Let me know what you think.

Week 1-12 500mg test e wk
Week 1-6 50mg proviron Ed
Week 1-12 400mg mast e wk
Week 1-12 500mg primobolan wk

Pics and stats are necessary for any input.


Height 5’9
Current weight 85.3 kg

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86.9kg as of yesterday morning

Move to #pharma

Plan sounds good, but short. 16-20 weeks for longer esters

Not sure why you would run mast and primo together.

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It helps with any gyno issues from the test

I’ve never done primo before

That’s quite the dosage of Primo - have you seen the cost? lol

You could do with a lower Primo dose to lower the cost; I’ve seen a few guys that look a lot better than you or I taking 200mg/wk or less.

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I dont see the point to run primo. Mast is worthless for any type of muscle building - along with proviron, its a cosmetic drug, if it works(for me it didnt).

So all you have is basically 500mgs of test, some primo, and some bullshit.
Id say you would be better just running 1g of test. If u want something extra, do EQ instead of primo. Half the price, same benefit. You can do like 750 test and 500EQ.

The leanness of a bulk is not achieved by artificially adding cosmetic drugs to the mix. Its achieved by eating clean, and less calories in surpluss. You can lean bulk on deca and anadrol and you can get fat on tren and masteron.


Right going to scrap the primo and go back to my last cycle which was slightly shorter. If it ain’t broke.

Test e 500mg wk 1-16
Deca e 500mg wk 1-16
Mast e 400mg wk 1-16 (purely for e2)

Was thinking of adding var in for the last 8 week 50mg Ed

why wouldnt you take something that is purely for the e2, instead of something that just potentially works maybe somewhat like that?
have you ran mast? for me it didnt touch my e2 at all, for example.

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I used it on my last cycle it really helped tried anastrazole and tamoxifen to help with it a couple cycles ago but ended up feeling dull

Had zero gyno with mast on the last cycle

Lol ye the cost is ridiculous

ah ok, then go ahead… everything else seems good :slight_smile:

:+1:t4: cheers

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Mast may possibly hide the effects of higher e2. It certainly has no mechanism of actually lowering it.

This wasn’t because you were taking mast. You’re probably just not prone to gyno.