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Next Cycle Input

Hey guys i am fairly new to this forum…been reading it for awhile but decided to open an account.

Anyways I figured I’d let you guys in on my next cycle and see what you guys think and if you have any critique. So here it goes.

Current stats:

251 lbs
14% bf


800mg test e/wk 1-16
600mg eq/wk 1-16
100mg anadrol/day 1-4
40mg dbol/day 13-16

arimidex 0.5mg eod to control bloat weeks 1-16
nolva on hand incase any gyno flare ups, i know it wont block it like adex but works faster than adex. Will run 40mg/day until sides are gone - only if needed

I will not be running pct as I will just be cruising with 250mg test e/wk at the end of the cycle. I am hoping to compete late in 2009 if i can add the mass i want to by then and have time to effectively diet.

My calories will be between 5500 and 6000 with a 40/40/20 split between protein, carbs, and fat. Most of my protein will be from beef and chicken and carbs from rice and potatoes.

Any input and constructive critisism would be appreciated.


Hmmm nothing lol…one other question I have is can you mix EO based AAS with oil based in the same syringe? I have mixed two oil based before but wondering if the EO falls out of suspension a little faster than the oil and if there would be any problems there.

You seem to be an advanced user?

It all looks fine to me, but I don’t think I have as much experience as yourself to give any constructive criticism.

Your choice to run adex EOD and use of Nolva seems of your personal experience/preference.

From my limited use and research I favor the idea of running an aromatase inhibitor throughout the cycle as it seems to take time for it to settle in your system.

There seem to be better SERMs out there than Nolva such as Toremefine, etc. But that seems to be a preference.

I don’t know how gyno prone you are, but I plan on using small amounts of letrozole during my next cycle which will consist of 750mg test/week and 50mg dbol/day.

As far as your oil question I’m sorry as I don’t have an answer there.

Not much but at least someone responded eh. lol

Have you competed before or is this your first show?


I’m not all that advanced, have just done a lot of reasearch. This will be my third cycle. I have been training for 2.5 years now but that is a little misleading as i train in a bodybuilding routine from the time I was 18 to 21…then I took a couple years off because of a lot of factors that did not allow me to focus on my training.

The adex eod is something I am going to do atleast the first 4 weeks and last 4 weeks but like you said AI’s take a bit to start working…that is why I have the nolva on hand - it wont block the estrogen but will stop it until the AI starts working

I do agree there is better serms out there but I have a pile of nolva so I figure I’ll use it up if I need it :slight_smile:

No problem with the oil…hopefully someone has done this before or knows whether or not it can be done so I dont have to go through the trial and error aspect of it!

It will be my first show and I am looking to add as much mass as possible before i diet…with my frame and the way things are going i think i could be on stage at about 230…will have to see how it goes.

Thanks for the response bro

no problem man.

I would personally just run the Adex out the gate and through your cycle…then really tone it down and you can continue to use adex even while ‘cruising’

I think to take adex for 4 weeks at a time is not as good as just consistenly staying on it and even bumping the dose when adding in your orals and tapering back down or off if thats your preference.

Taking Nolva during a cycle is not as preferred now that we have all of the Aromatase Inhibitors out there.

I hope a more knowledgeable vet chimes in.

Do you now plan on staying ‘on’ AAS eventually leading to TRT??

If your not planning this a really long cycle you have planned might not be the best idea and just the standard 12 weeker with a taper might be better.

This way you allow yourself to recover between cycles and as soon as you finish your taper you can start back up and hopefully not lose all function of your HPTA.

either way, whichever you decide.

Good luck


Hey thanks for the input, I think i will run the adex throughout the cycle.

I do not plan on coming off as my goal is to compete at a pretty serious level one day…i would love to turn pro one day but have a long way to go and a lot of work to put in before i can think of that.

Hrt is something i have thought about and am really not worried about…I know I will be on it one but am completely fine with that.

Also I will try to get a few pics up soon and some about mid cycle and after the cycle…all i have is a shitty webcam but it will have to do for now i guess

Yes Ethyl Oleate and standard oils can be mixed… it will give a thinner product.


Thanks Brook!

My gf injected 2cc’s in my glute this morning (i can no longer reach my glute to inject) mixing the EO and the oil based and it feels fine 4 hours later. Will take anadrol about 45 mins before heading to the gym…can’t wait for it all to kick in!

Here is a couple pics with my webcam, sorry for the quality…I am hoping to add a lot of quality mass before i start to compete.

And another…not sure how to add more than 1 pic in a post

Ill try to get one of my legs soon…just so everyone can see I actually train them lol

glad you want to compete man. You are definitely a beefy guy.

After a diet I think you can do fairly well.

I could post up a few minor corrections in posing…but as you get leaner and closer to your show I’ll chime in on that.

Some added mass then diet…you can do some damage.

keep it up man.


Thanks bro!

haha i know my posing sucks! Definately need to work on that…still have a hard time doing a proper lat spread lol…would be great to get advice from someone who has done it before and more experienced than me.

Is that you in your pic?

And my legs…need to bring up my hamstrings which is one of my main goals this cycle!

It’s been hard because i herniated a disk between l4 and l5 about 5 months ago now…but with proper rest and recovery my strength on leg press has gone above what it was before and I am able to do 225 on front squats again…not nearly as heavy as before on squats but the progress has been steady

Have you thought about frontloading the EQ to establish stable blood levels quicker?

Yeah I forgot to mention that…I’m going to be doubling the dose the first two weeks and then bringing it down to the 600mg/wk…will it establish stable blood levels quicker or just get me to my peak blood levels faster? I always thought the latter, and that is likely what you meant as well just wanted to make sure

Yeah I forgot to mention that…I’m going to be doubling the dose the first two weeks and then bringing it down to the 600mg/wk…will it establish stable blood levels quicker or just get me to my peak blood levels faster? I always thought the latter, and that is likely what you meant as well just wanted to make sure

I know Brook knows his stuff when frontloading. It’s pretty simple from my understanding tho, but I haven’t read much on it.

Yes that’s me in the pic.

You have a solid base man and with this cycle adding even more muscle is great.

If you can peel up and not have to sacrifice a bunch of muscle you should be alrite.

The lat spread is a tough one but you’ll get it. The leaner you get is when you really need to learn to nail the poses to hide your weaknesses and show your strengths.

Until then just practice the mandatories.

Back to AAS discussion lol

PM me if you have any questions about posing dood.


Thanks for the encouragement, it helps!

Impressive conditioning and balance btw…how long have you been competing?

I’ve got some pain in my glute from the injection about 12 hours ago but i haven’t injected my glutes in a long time because i cant reach there myself. It’s almost like a virgin muscle again.

One question…would anyone recommend adding tren to this cycle or do you think it really has a place in it? if so i’d run 75mg eod for six weeks but just curious if anyone thinks there would be much benefit??

Thanks for all the input guys…its helped a lot

Thought I should add that i trained arms today and hit them pretty hard! Anyways I got home and was holding my daughter and both arms cramped in about a 90 degree angle. The poor girl almost got dropped on the floor haha. I’m so glad my gf was just in the other room to come take her. From what I hear people frown upon dropping 3 month olds on their head, sheesh :S