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Next Cycle Input Please


My next cycle will start at the end of april and will be:

Test propionate 75mg/day 70 days = 525mg week
Masteron propionate 75mg/day 70 days = 525mg week
Anavar 20mg three times daily 70 days = 60mg/day = 420mg/week

My stats are 32 yrs old 6ft tall 207lbs @ ~13% bf (I am planning to diet down to 200lbs in the weeks preceeding my cycle) training 16 yrs
Previous cycles:

may 2006
Winstrol 50mg/day 60 days

nov 2006
Test propionate 75mg/day 70 days
Masteron 45mg/day 50days (day 21 to end)

My goal is to get down to about 8% bf at around 205lbs

My PCT will be:

Day 1 Clomid 300mg (3 days after my final shot) 100mg 3 times
Day 2-6 Clomid 100mg (before bed)
Day 7-13 Clomid 50mg
Day 2-15 Nolvadex 20mg first thing in the morning
Day 16-19 Nolvadex 10mg
Day 20-23 Nolvadex 5mg


Okay? No one cares.


He just wanted to share his cycle, same way you want to share your gay avatar.


Well my cycle starts on friday and I am thinking of running the anavar 40mg for the first 2 weeks, 50mg for the following 2 weeks, 60mg two weeks, 70mg two weeks, and 80mg per day for the final two weeks. Just wondering what you all thought about that, would I be better off just taking 60mg/day for the entire cycle?


I'd go for 60mg ED. Also, with that total amt of gear, I would def. have an AI in there.


No need to run the masteron at the same level as the test. I run masteron @ 50% of the test.

IMO, keep the test as is, do what you want with the anavar, but cut the masteron back to 35-40mg ed.

Other than that - cycle looks fine to me.


ya, that's a lot of masteron, 300mg/w is lots, 200mg/w is enough IMO

and ya that avatar is pretty gay.


I concur with the last 2 dudes. Anybody can tolerate 200mg of Masteron a week but every 100mg increment after that people start running into issues. 300mg a week is where you lose some, 400mg is a level most don't tolerate.
I like Rain Jack's consul for 1/2 the masteron of the Test.