Next Cycle Ideas.

Hey All,

Planning my next cycle to be march/may of the new year.

SO. Considering my last cycle was 20 weeks pre-contest it was more body recomp, went from 100-110kg then down to 88kg sitting at 5% ish BF taking Second in my class. Im planning on running two bulking cycles before I plan for another show. This is what im thinking for the first:

1-12 Test500 Blend @ 1000mg / week
1-10 Deca @ 400mg / week

1-50 Days Dbol @ 50mg / Day (either that or starting at 25mg and working up to 100 as shadow suggested)

Adex 0.5mg EOD
Prami up to .25mg ED

Anyone have thoughts on running clen/t3 while bulking? Its cheap as chips so if it keeps me less balloon man I may throw that in there.

Have left over deca so may up to 600.

I would leave the clen/t3 out if you’re trying to bulk.

Otherwise looks good. I’d bump the deca up to 600
Though if it were me

If you have the extra deca go for it.

I’m with BUDs on the T3/Clen. Although I will ask. Are you thinking T3/Clen will control bloat on a bulking cycle?

Not so much the bloat, thinking that bumping up my intake to maximise weight gain whilst having the fat burners in there to keep fat away. Just a thought.

I wouldn’t do that with the fat burners. It’s a pretty drastic way of controlling a situation easily manipulated with your diet.

Alright, no clen/t3 it is