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Next Cycle? HgH?


25yrs old 190 body weight 6'1'' 7.6 body fat 6 years lifting under my belt (should have started earlier) with AAS cycles under my belt. I am thinking on doing HGH for my next BB adventure I have studied it, read logs and I figured it was time to start an account and see what other people thought?


Hey man, If you search through the articles by TC theres something already written on HGH. Probably worth reading before you start a cycle, i think its called the truth about HGH. Hope this helps. If you can't find it he basically explains that its a great drug for healing, fat loss ect but not that great for gaining muscle compared to other drugs.


yeah, I'll have to check that out.


Are you goals primarily weight loss? Your not going to be gaining muscle or strength on GH.


More or less looking for a slow gain or a slight change in body composition that sticks. AAS def changed composition but the yo yo effect sticks less and less with each go.


Stack your HGH with AAS


thats what i was thinking. at the moment trying to map two cycles of AAS thru the duration of the hgh. just wondering if the results are worth the cost.


You can actually get away with using less AAS if your using GH concurrently, which can benefit your health if your plan on running cycles for a long time. However, GH's main action is fatloss, your not going to get much if any lean muscle gains.

If your looking for slow lean gains, I would run a TRT dose of test, followed with 600eq and/or 600 primo


What makes you think you will gain no muscle or strength from GH?