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Next Cycle Help

age 25
hight 5’10
weight 185-90
experience ran 1-14 weeks of test cyp, 8-14 mast, 10-14 win… I have done straight test and sus cycles, dbol. all pct was nov and letro

I am a trainer and im looking to get to over 200 and then lean out… I am looking for ideas on a wet compound into a dry compound for cutting… cycle suggestions?

Since when did the definition of ‘help’ change to ‘do it for me’?

you have ran quite a few cycles so far. Just how lean are you at the moment? 5’10, 185, not lean enough, is not quite what i expect from a person with your experience.
wet in to dry aye?

just gonna throw some ideas around

week 1-8 bulking phase
Test E 600mg
Deca 400mg
Dbol 210mg

week 9-16 body recomp

Test E 400mg
Mast E 400mg
EQ 400mg

week 17-24 cutting
Test E 200mg
Primo 700mg
Tren E 300mg

HGH 2-4 iu EOD IM, throughout (optional)

This is the heaviest cycle I would ever recommend to a recreational user for aesthetic purposes.

First its not do it for me, its more like what have people found to be successful, though I know everyone reacts little different but still like to see the ideas…

As far as that cycle looks good, do you think its to short on the deca since its such a long ester?

also sitting at around 14 percent body fat but I have not been eating as clean as I am trying to put on as much weight as possible

Your stats are close to (not really quite) what they should be for somebody who has never cycled and is thinking of starting his first cycle. Even then on this board he would probably catch some shit.

Shouldn’t you maybe be spending your time in the Bodybuilding and Nutrition forums before coming here?

And you guys are always “trainers,” aren’t you?

Cortes, why don’t you do some ‘personal training?’ Do you speak japanese well enough to do it??

Whew you guys are brutal lately…ha ha ha. Atleast this guy posted his stats. Seriously though I like the bulking idea Of Deca,Test, and D-bol, but I would run it for 12 instead of eight with a break of atleast 6 wks before cutting(using PCT protocols). Using those six weeks to start(just START) dieting down and throwing in some more cardio.

You could also sub the Deca with Eq if you like. I tend to hold less water with the Eq and eat like a monster, but my cardio is better with the Deca.

Assumng you took a break I like Tren, Test, Winny for cutting with some clen and T3. If ya like these ideas lemme know and I will write a more detailed suggestion. One last thing I would diet down a lttle like Cortes said get your nutrition and cardio in line before bulking. There is one thing no one likes, and that is a poooooey trainer teaching them to work out when it looks like they don’t know how to(no matter how hyooooooge you are). Out J-23

[quote]idowhatican wrote:
Cortes, why don’t you do some ‘personal training?’ Do you speak japanese well enough to do it??[/quote]

My Japanese is excellent.

However, I’d either have to sacrifice my principles or go broke looking for clients of like mind.

Nah, I do just fine “personal training” myself and focusing on my other completely unrelated businesses in this country.

The length of Deca is fine, as you stop deca, you will start a long ester Boldenone with similar half-life. So it will be smooth. You will however drop a bit of water weight after you stop dianabol, and cut down your test to 400mg per week. Test-mast-eq should tighten you up a bit, just as you requested wet to dry right?
THen when you go into phase 3 with maintenance level of test, with primo and tren kicking around, it will melt off the fat very nicely, if you have a good diet.