Next Cycle - EQ, Test E or C, Primo Depot, Dbol

hi there

Im looking at going on my 3rd cycle in a few weeks time. So i am doing some research and getting some ideas on the cycle. My last cycle was Deca, Test E, Sustanon, Dbol… Due to poor PCT and recovery I lost all of my gains. Im hoping with the new cycle and a better PCT that I retain most of my gains. I also like the fact that EQ increases appetite allot. I do eat allot normally.

Potential Cycle (8 weeks)

I plan on doing 2 x 8 week cycles as opposed to 1 x 12/16 week cycle. There will be an off period in between the cycles equivalent to the length (8 weeks off).

Equipoise @ 400MG Per week
Test E or Test C @ 750MG Per week
Primobolan Depot @ 300MG per week (nice to enhance the cycle)
Dbol @ 30mg daily for 2 weeks OR 20mg daily for 3 weeks (some might say to do it throughout but i think with the other components of this cycle, i wouldnt want to over stress my system).

Potential PCT

HCG throughout cycle and 3 weeks after last shot @ 500mg E3D …would like some advice here?
Nolvadex (60mg on day 1, then 40mg for 10 days, then 20mg for 5 days, 10mgs for 5 days)
Clomid (300mgs on day 1, then 50mg for 10 days, then 20mg for 5 days, 10mg for 5 days)
HGH throughout cycle and throughout PCT at 4ius EOD

anyway thats what i have so far. Any constructive advice would be appreciated.

My stats:
Training naturally for 15 years
Height 1.75m, Current Weight 85kg
2 previous cycles (Dbol, Test E, Winny, Clen and similar PCT to above - kept 5kg of my gains…was up to 90kg) & (Deca, Dbol, Test E, Sustanon, with only HCG 3 week blitz and Clomid therapy…lost most of the gains with this one, including gains from previous cycle)…I hope to get my gains back and retain them.

thanks guys!

any comments or suggestions?

So you are running a short cycle…with compounds that all have long esters? Sounds like a waste of money…

If I were you I would spend the money on 20ml of test prop and the rest on tren ace and run a low test-high tren cycle…keep the gh if you want.

Im under the impression that hcg should not be run into pct, and I do not believe that 3 weeks would be optimal for an 8 week cycle…

hey Mr. Walkway.

Yep i get what you saying about long esters not being good for shorter cycles. With that said i might take your advice and use Test Prop instead of Test E. I have been avoiding Tren and Deca because of the way it shuts one down. However, on my longer cycles i noticed results in the 4 and 6 weeks then only grew slightly thereafter…so im hoping with an 8 week (slower) cycle that i will get some negligible results by week 6 and slightly more by week 8 then PCT. Going for quality gains rather than quantity.