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Next Cycle Dosages

This will be my first cycle in a year and a half. I am 34 and have been lifting for 10 years, doing small cycles ex. 500mg test per week 50mg winstrol eod for 8-10 weeks.

The next one I have planned is 875mg test enanthate 525mg deca weekly for 12 weeks. As an anti e femera .25 ml eod possibly more if needed, nolvas and hcg for pct.

Blood pressure in the normal to normal high range. I am unsure if this is a safe dosage for the amount of time on cycle.What difference would it make if I ran the test at 500mg and the deca at 350?

Those are slightly unconventional dosages. But the point remains the same. In my experience users who have reached or exceeded the genetic maxim, the starter dosage of 500mg of Test or 300mg of Deca provide minimal to moderate results. Whereas the user who is say 23 and has lifted seriously for 4 years and is 5’10" 185 will experince greater gains on lower dosages.

The dosages you’ve selected IMO are very decent for all but the most experienced users. I’m currently doing 750Test/450Deca and it is a much better dosage for me than 500/300.

You didn’t mention specific goals or training objectives e.g. size increases, strength, anaerobic power. I personally do like Deca and Test but depending on your desires outcomes you might want to look into Tren as well.

I have used tren acetate in past with nice results, but I do not like the way it affects my mood. Goal is to reach a lean 190-195 when all is said and done, I think that the 750-450 sounds good to me. Thanks for the input.

Have you had gyno issues before? If not go with A-dex instead of letro. Letro eliminates virtually all estrogen whereas a-dex merely reduces it

have had gyno problems, still even with abs i have some excess fat in the chest

OK then yes use the letro. Its the only one proven for pre-existing gyno