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Next Cycle: Deca, Dbol, Test, Mast

So I haven’t posted befor but basically live on this site now. . I could use some help planning my next cycle and figured I’d ask.

I’m 30, gone through five cycles so far- mainly various forms of test, tren e and a , and some winstrol. Basically now just blast/cruise throughout the year. Training for seventeen years, six days a week. Combination of strength/ power and bodybuilding.

Next cycle plan is something like this. Keep around 14 weeks or until sides are apparent.

Test c at 400-500mg/ week
Deca at 400mg
Masteron at 400mg
dbol at 20-40 mg/ day
Adex as needed

My goal here is a lean bulk. I hope to gain a little size but I can’t really take gaining too much fat. In the past term worked fairly well for this but even on tren I ended up gaining some fat without a huge calorie increase.

My idea was to use the deca as the main tool but reviews seem to claim it comes with tons of bloating which I’m not really down for. I also wanted it to help with joint issues that tend to occur when I use dryer compounds. This is especially apparent when doing more strength training phases.

The masteron In Theory should help with the excess estrogen a bit I figured. I’m hoping that by not using too high a dose of either it should make for some kind of balance. Not entirely sure though.

The dbol is for a 4-6 week kickstart. Will start at 20 and increase after a few weeks if no sides. Will discontinue if too many sides or too much bloat appears.

Anyways. Could use some advice on doses. Has anyone done a similar cycle/ what worked/didn’t?

Crazy man. I’m running basically the exact same cycle right now. Test e600, deca 600, mast 400, I did run dbol but I ran for 4 wks at 80mg/day. I have been taking .25 adex e3d and it seems to be working. The deca actually hasn’t been too much bloat for me. Once the dbol finished at wk4, that’s when I started the mast. I take a mast mix of prop and ent, so Its an eod thing. I started at 214lb, 10%bf, after the dbol I was 228 lbs not sure about bf, and now I’m 224lb 8%bf… the mast is incredible for vascularity. My legs thighs, arms, shoulders are all strapped and veins are new everyday. So, I know for myself there hasn’t been much bloat after the dbol… good luck man!

Really? Damn that’s awesome. Seems like it’s going pretty well then. Your doses are a bit higher than mine too. What’s the reason for starting the mast late? Doesn’t it take a while to build up (I’m actually pretty excited for mast as I prefer the dry compounds, just figured the deca would add more mass. New to both though). I’d be more than satisfied with 10 lbs and a decrease in bf right there.

Higher dose of deca because I’ve heard from a few trusted guys here that anything under 600 isn’t gonna bulk as well or have the soothing properties deca is known for on joints. I always run my test base equal or greater than the other compounds. Mast started after dbol because I wanted an actual chance to bulk up and was concerned that the mast wouldn’t allow for the bulk I needed. My masteron mix is prop and ent together so the prop kicks pretty quick(week1) while the ent takes a bit like you said(wk3)… so far, I’m excited. My healing and recovery is so fast… I’m thinking of throwing either winstrol or anavar tabs on to the end of this one while I quit the deca and just run simple test prop to prepare for pct… I haven’t chosen the method yet, but I’m Def coming off the deca about week 16 and running 4 more weeks of prop alone. I’ve heard deca can be a bitch to get rid of.

only thing i disagree with in this thread so far. I know some guys that run deca even while cruising, at 100-200 per week for their joints. You can run deca VERY low and still get results in that area. I’ve considered running it low dose year-round before, for that reason.

I’ve heard what you’re saying here before, and I think the reason that people say it is because they simply aren’t patient enough to let deca hit their system, so they up the dose too early. If you run it at 100-200 per week, it’s gonna take a solid 8 weeks to really shine, but it definitely works. My guess is, most people run it at the lower dose for the first 4-6 weeks, then up the dose because they aren’t feeling it, start feeling it by around the 8th week, and come to the conclusion that the solution was a higher dose, not more time using the compound. I’d definitely recommend giving the lower dose a shot if the joint properties are what you’re really after. I find the deca side effects to be more manageable as well at a lower dose.

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Oh ok that makes sense. It turns out my mast is prop too but I think I’d rather start that from the get go.

I may keep deca a bit lower then after hearing all the horror stories. I’m using it as a bulker as well, not just for joint properties, but maybe a steady dose will get there. I can also increase later if necessary. Maybe the 400 works for that then.

I can increase mast to make up, I have about twice as much anyway and I think it’s more suited to my preference. Think 600/ week is enough for that? I’m also wondering about the test now, is 400 enough or should I match the last

Actually sorry, let me edit this. I’m not making too much sense now. It’s too early.

I don’t think I wanna raise test over 500 and I’d like to try the deca at around 400 if it’s enough to make gains on. Only real question now is the mast, would 400 be enough or would it be beneficial to raise the dose up? I’m hoping to run it the whole length of the cycle.

I’ve run mast 2 times. 1st time was a cut mix and i used 350mg mast prop per week for 8weeks. This time 400mg per wk and I’m drying out fast… I have always heard to run gear as low as you can to start. The deca is a long esther as well as the cyp. So you’re going to run the short esther mast with two long esthers. Plan accordingly. Your mast is gonna kick in way before your other compounds. Thats why i started my other compounds before i started the mast. Just keep it in mind…

Oh ok gotcha. Yeah that makes sense. I’d like to start as low as is feasibly possible too though I usually end up increasing halfway through. I’ll keep the deca at 400 and ride it out and start the mast a month later at 4-500. I have the dbol as a kickstart anyways.

Although I’m Wondering now, would a low dose of mast (maybe 200) for the first four weeks help to dry out the dbol bloating while everything else loads or is that just pushing it.

is there a reason you want to avoid 2 weeks of bloat? Just curious. To me, that’s one of the reasons to use dbol in the first place. Bloating makes you able to train with heavier weights, which in turn will help with gains. If you sacrifice this aspect of the compound, it loses value. Is it an aesthetic thing? Like do you just not want to look bloated for 3 or 4 weeks?

To be honest, yeah that’s mainly it. I hate the feel/ look of it and I bloat up quick so it’s pretty noticeable. That’s mainly the reason I run dryer compounds

. It might be worth trying to deal with it though since I do have a lot of joint problems, that’s usually the limiting factor when I train heavy. Been reading that dosing it all at once may avoid a prolonged bloat. I suppose I could try that out and see how it works. (Adex tends to fuck my joints up pretty bad too, I can never dose it too soon before training)