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Next Cycle Critique

Yup :ok_hand: I read same stuff & as avg meat head… I see great gainz with simple cycles. Well with the internet, Bitcoin, & ugls any teenage dipshit can run what ev… there used to be stickies on here for basic cycle advice but it’s gone now. But 100% agree most guys would do fantastic on simple cycles with good diet & program… however I suspect most do not & hope the drugs do the work for them

I have to give that credit to @Singhbuilder I got it from him.

But when you think about it it makes sense. I personally think testosterone is a cheap and dirty choice of steroid to use for the sole purpose of building muscle. It does however work great at a small dose in replacing your natural testosterone and supplying you with enough estrogen in the presence of other drugs to build a great body.

Ofcourse you have to keep in mind other compounds can often be harsher on your body then testosterone. But I feel confident I’m my ability to monitor my health closely. I don’t plan on blasting multiple compounds into my late 60s I’m 29 by the time I turn 35 il probably just be riding the trt train with an occasional compound thrown in every year or so.


I plan on using til my 50s-60s, then again my doses are veeeerrry low. TRT forever though, it’s unfortunately a neseccity.

Mast was cool, however I stopped using it due to horrific cramps and muscle strains, seemed to make me very injury prone. This was only 200mg/wk + 100mg test, with regards to gains, didn’t get much muscle mass, I’d gain much more on 2-250mg test/wk, but aesthetically it certainly beats test, makes muscles look… drier/denser, that’s the only way I can particularly describe the look… grainy??

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I get cramps but generally just in the moein my legs once I start drinking water they tend to go away for me.

Im no where near lean enough to be grainy but it def makes me denser. Makes my muscles feel like stone almost.

If you want rock hard vieny muscles nothing does the trick like Anavar IMO … For me prop,tren, var = beach bod

I’d imagine that combination would give a much better look than a beach bod look. A beach bod to me makes me think of brad Pitt in fight club, I personally dislike the look, not enough size, but maybe we have different definitions of beach bod.

Anyway, anavar is awesome, I used it for like… 5 wks, 4 weeks at 12.5mg/day and less than one week at 25mg/day, whatever was in the var I took shot up my BP to stage 2 hypertension and shot up my HR to ungodly proportions, I legitimately think it had some kind of stimulant within it (as the source I got it off of sold amphetamine, clenbuterol, DNP and other stimulants like methylphenidate etc), regardless, made me look super awesome, melted fat off me. I looked dense as fuck, made me strong too. By FAR my favourite thing I’ve ever used, wouldn’t use it again though (unless I can get a prescription, so if anyone knows where I can get a script… shoot me an email as I go to the US like 1-2x yearly) #notacopper

also gave me cramps, but not like mast… and if anything it made my joints and tends feel healthier compared to mast where it was like “shit, just strained my shoulder externally rotating my arm”

For me I found that var, winny, and mast all did sort of the same thing for my appearance and how I felt.

I like mast the best because I get the least amount of side effects from it. It also convenient to not have to take a pill daily with mast I just load it up with my test.

Have you done this before? How much does the tren + Dbol give you on top of the test for strength. Just curious, as I am also a PLer.

Just on TRT ATM, but will do a test only cycle in maybe a half a year.

I haven’t no. I just stick with the good old test far out from a meet. But dbol and tren seem to be popular additions closer to a meet. Harsher of course, which is why they are best reserved for a competition prep cycle.

But stories I have heard, you realise there are some powerlifters doing absolutely crazy stuff leading up to meets.

I would actually like to be alive when stepping on the platform haha.

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So at your next meet will be your first intro to tren and Dbol? I have only used TRT dosages (150 mg/wk), but as a PLer, I am curious how much strength can come from different compounds.

I know a guy that takes Dbol by the handful especially on the day of the meet. He also takes tren all year long. Nobody who knows him thinks he will live to 50. He received three white lights on a 925 lb squat w/wraps in the 242 lb class recently. I say got three white lights, because I would in no way say it was a legit squat (was def. high).

Yes, first intro. But from people who have done this, it’s supposed to give significant jumps in strength.

I too have heard people taking handful of dbol pills day of meet. Crazy.

Would be really interesting to have some understanding of it (average strength gains if X substance it taken). Could also be a big placebo effect, especially since everyone says it will make you strong. I believe there is a study with PLers in which they told them they were on roids, and pretty much all of them hit big PRs even though they were taking sugar pills.

You should write a meet prep log.

No, thats NOT the cycle.

1-20 700 Test P
1-10 400 DHB
10-20 700 Mast

Dropping DHB switch to Mast

Its your body no hating here but why so much and so long on #2 cycle?
whats your goal?
What was your first cycle like and what did you gain from it?

If you’re going 20 weeks you could easily add boldenone to that thing and make some serious gains. Test/mast/EQ sounds mighty good, especially for a guy who’s looking to compete.