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Next Cycle Critique

Whoops, I actually do have the wrong thread.

That being said you’re first cycle was 1.5 g… Seems a little excessive no???

That being said, good luck with future competitions

700 test isnt that nuts… 20 weeks tho? Almost every winter I run 600-750 test cyp only 12 weeks and generally get good results…But Ive done this about 4 times strictly just for bulking tho… I like test prop too but generally I prefer it for cutting… Cant speak to mast, or DHB but I can say test prop and tren ace pair nicely… You could possibly run Prop & ace like this for a nice bulk
1.5 ml prop .5ml tren ACE EOD
That would be about 600 prop 200 tren A per week run for 10-12 weeks should do nicely on a bulk litle sides pinning would be easy glutes and rear delts only… 1.5ml prop will burn for about a week so you need 4 sites and legs is out trust me on this.

No, it isn’t, however this is his second cycle and it’s

700mg test
700mg mast
400mg dhb

That’s 1800mg/wk, almost 2g gear weekly for a second cycle. What’s he gonna be running on his fifth if he’s already almost on 2 g

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Probably the same 2 grams.

I dont know where this idea comes from that you always have to increase doses each cycle in order to keep gaining. Especially when using different compounds in different variations

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I think what he means is no reason to put undue strain on your system. I agree no reason to do a complex stack to put on 20lbs when a simple stack or lower dose will do the trick. I think when diet and program is in order the minimal effective dose should be the goal. But I look at things different I dont compete Im just in it for longevity. I do 2 cycles per year Im 42 and wanna stay young as long as possible. But there is truth to it you cant run 500 test every winter and expect same result. Gotta throw curveballs at body to get dramatic results…So yea dont play all yur cards on the first hand… unless yur getting paid then do what you gotta

This i agree with 100% test is also a normal substance for your body. So it’s understandable for it to become accustomed to it. I also Dont think test should be ran this high ever I prescribe to the use test for what it was made for which is replacing what your highest natural levels would be or a bit higher (trt dose) and let other more efficient compounds do what they are better at.

This also allows me to keep my total aas use around 1 gram while using multiple other compounds at the 400 mark.

Doing this and switching up compounds I cant see a need for increasing total gear use any time soon. I guess we’ll see tho.

Zeek with your low T approach what are some of
Your favorite cycles to run while adding mass in a surplus?

because many tend to incrementally increase doses and/or add harsher compounds at similar doses as cycles progress. Hence why the newbie cycle is typically touted as 500mg test, how many dudes still run 500mg/wk on their 5th cycle?

The way OP is going his fifth cycle will be like 200mg test 800mg tren

Could a person really handle that much Tren?

I agree 500 on 5 is no good… First time cycle 500 test cup 12 weeks my first cycle I put on 30lbs it was amazing. Around 3 time I did it gainz only 10ish pounds… I did test 750 with hgh last yr put on only 10 as well. However my last 2 cut cycles with mild Tren ace dose I put on 10lbs & stripped fat in serious deficit. I think Tren A & Test might be a simple stack for good size gainz for guys that do good on 500-750 test… I know a common stand by for bulking is test & deca but times have changed feel like Tren took decas place…but I never did deca heard too much dick problems

Go to r/steroids, some dudes run tren at like 1500mg/wk

It’s INSANE!!! I reckon that’s why many of the gear suppliers here in oz sell benzodiazepines and ambien (zoldipem) probably to help those individuals on 1500mg tren stay sane and actually… sleep

I gave up on the r/steroids tbh. I advise newbies to also do the same.

You ever see the r/steroids thread of the teen on 2mg of methyltren/day and a host of other compounds?

The last time I visited r/steroids I saw something that I truly couldn’t believe.

Someone was asking for advice for when to start PCT after Test Cyp cycle.

The advice given was: “Start PCT before you finish the cycle, just so it’s kicking in”

I haven’t been back since.

Honestly, as a powerlifting competitor, I will be getting into harsher stuff down the road as I approach my meets. But seriously, if you are literally just a gym bro who works out at a commerical gym in a tank top then gets on with life, you have no fucking business running anywhere close to a gram of anything. Given that most on r/steroids are just gym bros and have no competitive aspirations, its an epic fail of a sub reddit.

Just my opinion.


That’s fine, if you’re educated with regard to the potential long term health implications harsher compounds can incur and there’s a reason (reasoning can be vague, be it powerlifting, bodybuilding, sports etc) then there’s no problem with that in my book. However if it’s for recreation or personal gains, more than adequate results can be made with lower dosages and less compounds.

Do you intend to use m-tren? Surely halotestin, anadrol, Dbol and test should be good right?

Interestingly fluxoymesterone (in the US) is still approved for clinical use to treat androgen deficiency. I’d be open to trying this particular compound to see how it compares at some stage in my life. Prescribing guidelines for hypogonadism indicate a dosage of 5-20mg daily. Very strong 11-HSD inhibitor though, so expect significant sodium retention and BP increase due to inhibition of glucocorticoid inactivation

As I get closer to my meet, I will simply be adding in tren and dbol. The rest of the time, its test. I blast and cruise. But certainly not in the crazy dosages some people do.

What’s you’re cruise/blast dose. I typically cruise on 200mg and don’t blast, I’ve tried 250 before. Aside from that numerous experiments such as

25mg/day Anavar lasting for a little under a week (shot up BP)

100mg test 200mg mast (stopped due to joint pain)

250mg test (worked out fine)

At the moment im blasting on 625mg/week test. Then cruise at 250. Could cruise at lower tbh and save extra cash, spread out the time a vile would last.

But honestly: people nowadays get too exotic with the compounds. Back in the old school days it was pretty much deca, dbol and test. Even then. the dosages were hella lower than what people today use. Granted, it was more pharma grade back then, but even now, coming across bunk gear is rare and in fact, people just dont have their training and nutrition shit together.

Im really enjoying low test and masteron at the moment.

I dont really eat to heavily in a surplus anymore. Im pretty content with the size I have I tend to to focus on certain muscles now that need a little extra push. But I’m not big into bulking if I do it’s going to be a slow dry bulk cycle.

Speaking theoretically tho if I were to run a cycle where my main goal was to put on as much size as possible in 12 weeks it would be low test, tren, mast, and anadrol.

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Thanks for the info! I really like the idea you have of keeping test low and using other compounds to do the work.