Next Cycle Critique

1st cycle was
1-10 test prop 750/wk
10-20 test prop 750/wk + Mast Prop 750/wk

PCT: (currently)
Nolvadex 40/40/20/20
GABA, Fenugreek, 5HTP, Zinc, Magnesium, fish oil, Vitamin D

6ft tall Went from 209-204, (peaked at 223 mid cycle) gained LBM. dropped 4 inches off waist. Strength skyrocketed and im realizing i kept most of the size and the strength.

I only needed AI once but not nipple related, got real ‘emotional’ and bitchy two days in a row, figured e was high, took Aromasin, went away.

My goals for next cycle are to increase LBM (V taper) specifically working on quad and shoulder development to balance out the body.

I will be utilizing DHB up front to help me get my mass&strength up while following a strength focused program for bulk, followed by Mast to help me maintain strength while allowing me to switch to a more “focused” bodybuilding program to target individual muscles (physique) and slightly cutting. basically a 2.5 month ‘mild bulk’ followed by a 2.5 month mild cut.

heres the plan.

1-20 Test Prop 700/wk pin ED
1-10 DHB 400/wk pin M & TH
10-20 Mast Prop 700/Wk Pin ED
21-25 Nolvadex 40/40/20/20/20

Aromasin will be on hand if needed as well as the nolva and i have clomid

Why are you running prop for 20 weeks? I’m wincing just thinking about that. Swap that out for e or c and save yourself some pain. Otherwise it looks good. DHB is really interesting and I hope you will keep us updated on how it goes. Aside from the pip it seems like an excellent option that’s been underused up until recently.

First cycle… Runs 1.5 g/wk



Jeezus Christ that’s a lot. How long are you taking off before starting this second cycle?

Nothing like a regular gym bro taking grams a week.

Must be a thing these days. All the gym bros I’ve spoken to all hammer the grams


I hammer the… Quarter grams…

Ha, nailed it

Currently in the losing gainz crew as I’ve got the flu. Going on one week of sickness

I just dont understand it tbh. I mean even if you have lots of cash to blow, it still dosent warrant blasting grams of gear. Its just not needed.

I think it’s who you listen to. If you go on reddit looking for info and read a hundred threads of people doing a gram+ of T then that’s likely what you’ll do. I’m happy I found T-nation first or you better believe I’d be doing two grams because if one gram is good than two must mean double jacked.

Well there comes the aspect of miseducation. We seem to have two crowds

  • those who think anabolics are the devil’s nectar, cause instant death and homicidal rampage amongst otherwise law abiding citizens with a singular pin (99 percent of the populace)
  • those who think PED’s are harmless (0.1 percent of the populace)

Wedged in there, in ever so small quantities are the individuals like you or I who adknowledge there are significant risks involved, but not nearly to the extent the media and mainstream society play them out to be.

That or some people have a death wish/lack of maturity.

I have a buddy (19), fun chap but extremely immature and short sighted. Kid smokes 30 + cigarettes per day, drinks daily (and frequently heavily), uses both soft and hardcore recreational drugs and despite this is one of the most muscular kids I know (he does train extremely hard in the gym)… Fucking genetics man, it’s a cunt that someone who does a fraction of the work I do has better shape/size than I.

Now dude is talking about going on gear, casually talking about blasting tren, test and sarms without having any education/knowledge base. Kid frequently says things like “my goal is to make it to thirty”… He’s not a bad kid per se, he’s a very nice bloke actually (once you get to know him), just very immature and short sighted. My prediction is he will be dead within the next 20 years, perhaps sooner. Tbh given some of his behavior and abnormally large arms, traps and deltoids I’d speculate he’s probably on gear at the moment. That and the first time be ever got under a bench he hit like 90kg, a biiiiiiit of a red flag don’t ya think, he’s also my weight, but a good couple inches taller and looks like he’s a good 20lbs heavier than he is, seems to fluctuate crazily in size/fullness in spans of a few weeks, probably using orals on and off

I’d attempt to talk him out of it but there’s this overpowering “fuck you I know everything” attitude thus I don’t bother, I’ve heeded my warning, that’s all I can do.

My point is, some people do this shit because they either

  • are misinformed
  • don’t THINK/lack of maturity
  • have a death wish
  • shortsighted
  • want to be a competitive bodybuilder, strongman or athlete, this is about the only acceptable excuse for megadoses

I’d blast higher doses (probably give 500mg test/wk a go) if I had the supervision of a medical professional to moniter my cardiac health… But I don’t so it isn’t happening.

I have tons of prop already on hand just using what i have

This is why Reddit is a failure. So many guys just dosing as much as they can get their hands on. Any 15 year old will read that as: if he is doing a gram, so should I.

Post a pic of your before and after of this first cycle if you will …

this is hilarious.

I come on here for a cycle critique, And with the exception of iron yuppie all I hear Is “gram a week, booo”, and “teens doing roids”.

Lmao. I will tell you I did all this the right way. Been lifting for 14 years. Powerlifting for the first 6. I waited until all my training and diet couldn’t get me where I wanted to be with my physique.

And I have been training with three IFBB classic physique pro guys for the last 5 years. I had an EXCELLENT reaction to the first cycle and it was designed with these dudes knowing what I do and what I eat. I am their “building the perfect beast” and if you don’t get that reference, YOU are uninformed,


I’ll post a thorough review of my experience with DHB once I get through it.

Thanks for all the “help” guys.

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Dont listen to that shit bro. If your goal is bodybuilding and you have a way you want to go about doing it and your confident in your research then do it. It’s YOUR body.

I think the cycle looks fine the only thing I would personally change is dropping the test a little bit and adding anavar at the end but if your body handles high test well then by all means run it exactly like you have laid out. I also don’t like bulk/cut cycles I find that the end result is always so so on both I think you would be better off bulking then cutting with separate 16-20 week cycles.

Check out some other forums as well that are geared strictly towards bodybuilders and you will notice there isn’t all this gawking at more then a gram a week and more helpful advice geared towards your goals

Again, another one of these guys that has so many pro body builder friends and yet you are here asking strangers about drugs to put into your body. In defense of the guys saying that is a lot of gear, you should see some of the kids coming in here talking about they need to take grams a week, or they only want orals because they are scared of needles. There are grown ass men that have been working out for 2 weeks and talking about their first cycle. Some of the guys purchased the gear before a fucking gym membership.

The simple way to combat people jumping down your throat is to give more generic personal inof. Such as you did in your previous post. Training exp, diet, how many previous cycles, do you compete. Simple shit like that will show you are serious and not the gym rat that is just pumping gear to make up for lack of everything else.

The only thing I would ask is why the Prop? What a literal pain in the ass to be injecting ED or EOD.

Blood levels my friend.
24hr, optimal, blood plasma levels of test to be exact.

Then why are you asking strangers on the internet for advice? :thinking:

  • first cycle, runs 1.2 g
  • second cycle, runs TREN
  • starts second cycle like four weeks after first (and first was a big one, unlike mine), probably still has concentrations of boldenone in the body high enough to elicit anabolic activity given HL Of boldenone undecylenate is like 15 days.

Are you training to be a professional bodybuilder like you’re training partner, if not… WHY CYCLE LIKE THEM, totally unessecsry and you’re causing harm that likely outweighs the benefit. I sometimes wish I had the balls to cycle like you, but I don’t and probably never will. Ignorance is bliss but you’re harming causing damage to youreself for no good reason (cardiovascular, neurological and renal primarily)

There’s responsible use and then theres outright idiocy, if you want encouragement for this hop over to reddit

Think you got the wrong thread guy. No Tren, no Boldenone, no four weeks

Why yes, yes I am