Next Cycle Confirmation

Hi Gents,

Ready to do this again with some small tweaks, I previously ran DBOL starter, test 250/w for 16 weeks with EQ 600 and loved it. Looking to see what the difference will be going from 250 to 500 for test. Goals are similar to previous, increase strength and conditioning capacity and keeping body weight as low as possible.

Looking for advice on this set up:

1-12 500 mg Test E (250x2)
8-12 TBOL 50mg ED
1-12 Adex at .25 EOD
1-12 HCG 500iu/w (250iux2)
15-18 PCT

Questions needing answers,

  1. Will there be a significant amount of sides going from 250-500/week
    (6 months ago ran a 250 for 16 weeks with relatively no sides except acne on the back)
  2. Can I reduce acne with dialing in the Adex?
  3. Insert T bol at what stage in the cycle, starter? finisher? and dosage?

I have both Clomid and Nolva on hand.

Thanks in advance

  1. Potentially, there’s no way of knowing as genetic predisposition to various sides at various doses is based on an individual to individual basis.

  2. Depends what the acne is from, if the acne is from hypertrophy of the sebaceous glands or dihydrotestosteone mediated (both the more common causes of acne) then adex won’t do jack shit, close attention to personal hygiene will work wonders though.

  3. Use it whenever you want, keep an eye on blood pressure though. Remember it’s harsh on lipids and BP (and liver and kidneys)