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Next Cycle at 18. Test E, Tren E, T3, Mast, Clen, Test P, Tren A

Hey im 18 just starting my propper cycle. I was taking t3 and clen for a small while and 2 weeks of dianabol pills.

So this is my first propper cycle:

Week 1-8
Test E 750mg per wk
Tren E 200mg per wk
T3 x 1 40mcg tablet daily am from week 4-8

Week 8-12
Test E 750mg per wk
Tren E 200mg per wk
Master 200mg per wk
1x clen am daily

Week 12-16
Test P 500mg per wk
Tren A 300mg per wk
Master 300mg per wk
T3 daily am and pm
1x clen am and 1x clen pm

I promised my self i will only do 1 and never again. I truly wont!

Already started on 1st week.

Now i just worry about liver problems and kidney problems and overgrowth of organs. If i did just this cycle and never again do you reckon i can still get those issues?

Here we go again.

Another retard with acess to steroids and reddit.


Lmao … somtimrs ya just gtta say it :rofl::rofl:

Seems like a solid cycle. You should post a before photo so we can see how much progress you’ve made when you come back and post an after photo/bloodwork/question.

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Another alumni of Troll So Hard University.


Do not mind the Haters. To be honest, your cycle doesnt have enough compounds.

Really needs a lot more orals. Needs a lot more everything. You dont need to eat good either while using gear. The gear does all the work. I wouldnt worry about liver problems, you are still very young, it will grow back. Also check out this medroxyprogesterone acetate, it is supposed to help with Chemical Castration so that your kind doesnt reproduce and keep polluting the gene pool.


I hope he post pictures of his bitch tits when they grow in too. No mention of AI’s or PCT. Here comes another Flat Dicker post in 2 months.

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I’m really confused about the clen. What exactly would that accomplish? You’d need a million clean calories a day already.

…I have no words…

huh, this is a fantastic troll… Even the kids I know who use gear (typically not a wise decision) aren’t this irresponsible

Hepatotoxicity is unlikely given the lack of c17AA AAS, nephrotoxicity is possible (tren has been implicated in severe renal toxicity), and AAS in general do stress the kidneys somewhat. Heart enlargement… well some degree of heart enlargement may occur given all the compounds you’re using (although literature does show, I can link the study that even during intense cycles such as the one you’ve outlined, significant measurable changes in cardiac structure were unable to be found throughout the duration, however that doesn’t mean nothing is happening on a cellular level)

Everyone says “one cycle” very rarely do people stick to it, you’ll see mad gains, come off, feel shit, lose a good portion of gains and hop back on.

You’re cycle here (all the compounds) is a joke, this is an amazingly irresponsible decision to make, however it is you’re life, so do whatever you feel is best. I thought I was irresponsible running 100mg test 200mg mast…

How many more of these idiots must we endure? I think the Darwin Effect may take precedence here.