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Next Cycle Advice?

Hi guys. I’ve done around 7 cycles previously, trying most of the main compounds. Just trying to get a general consensus on two options I’m debating. I want to maintain my current body fat and possibly gain some lean tissue. I want to stay low dose this time so I’m considering either A) 300mg test e with 400mg tren e or B) 400mg test e with 200mg tren e and 200mg mast e. I’m currently 201lbs at 7% bodyfat (5’ 9) I’m a nutritionist so my diet is on point and I train 6 times per week. I’m ok with that side of things but really still learning about anabolics (do you ever really stop learning?) I’ve seen there are some very smart people and I would appreciate some help. Thank you in advance.

If that’s you in the avatar I have no ground to stand on regarding advice. Whatever you’re doing is obviously working. Well done.

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Yes that’s me taken last week at the end of the strip I’ve been on. It’s mainly down to diet and training, I’m nearly 40 and started using PEDs about 3 years ago. I have spent a long time reading and I’ve experimented a bit over the last 3 years but I’m just trying to reach out to you guys who have far superior knowledge of this.

Any prior libido issues on Tren? If not, I would go with option A. A low dose of mast won’t do much other than enhance libido. I love it for that and it’s mild hardening effect but 200mg IMO is only purposeful for libido support and pales in comparison to Tren.