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Next Cycle 2-3 Weeks Away

Well I am about 2-3 weeks away from starting my next cycle. Ive managed to lean down to lower than I have been in years and expect that I am currently somewhere near the 10% area. Regular cardio as well as high protein, moderate fat and low carb diet. Bodyweight is on its way to 220 lbs within the next couple weeks.

Im also waiting a couple more weeks as I slightly tweaked my shoulder a little while back while doing a job related physical. Its starting to feel close to 100% and want to get it there prior to starting this cycle as any heavy bench work has been non existant for a while now.

Plan is to use the following.
75 mg test prop/day
50 mg tren ace/day
35 mg mast prop/day
25 mg oral winstrol/day
Totals just under 1300mg/wk for 6 - 8 weeks. This is still up in the air.
Will use adex at .25 mg EOD starting in week two as well as 300mg/day of B6.

For pct I plan to run 100mg/wk of prop split into 3 doses for 4 weeks followed by nolva @ 20mg/day for 2-3 weeks after.

Thanks for the input.

To be perfectly honest, this looks damned perfect to me.

I like that new idea for PCT. Skips the taper altogether, but keeps the stasis. Very cool.


I thought the idea looked pretty good as well.

Although credit must be given where it is due. Bushy mentioned somthing along those lines in a post a while back.

Jeez, LillGuy, I don’t have anything to add, either. I definitely look forward to hearing your experience and what kind of results you get from this run, though.

What are your goals?

Please post your results with the SERM portion of the PCT. I want to see how that works instead of the taper

I truly want to be down to a real 8%. Not an internet 8% either. I may add some T3 into this mix as well as I have a bit on hand.

Truth be told I havent done a leg work out this calander year. Training previously for that physical and on Sunday I am particiapting in a half marathon. So I have left out leg work out in favor of more cardio.

After my body recouperates from the marathon its time to start hitting legs hard again. They still measure over 27" now and have always been a strong point of mine when I put forth the effort. There will definately be a bit of muscle memory here.

I currently look the best I ever have in my life and plan to improve on that drasticly. I basically want to get as big as I can while still being as lean as possible.

Diet will play a huge role in this cycle, trying to manipulate carbs and lower bodyfat ever further.

Ive never used masteron before and expect the synergy on all these components together to be phenomenal.

Sounds like am awsome cycle and a hell of alot of pinning lol. I personally love using t3 on cycle, i wouldnt reccomend using more than 50mcg a day if bodyfat lowering is on the agenda so as not to interfere with gaining muscle.

Post some before and after pictures if you get chance so we have an example of how it should be done.

Have a good’un


I know this sounds fishy…

but I was thinking the very exact thing these past few days w.r.t. a stasis period then nolvadex per the usual PCT. I don’t recall ever reading Bushy suggesting this. So, with you and the Bushmaster both thinking this may be a credible form of PCT… I’m sold. I’ve just extended my cycle an extra week.

Thanks, LillGuy001.

[quote]testanabol wrote:
Post some before and after pictures if you get chance so we have an example of how it should be done.

Have a good’un


Hey LG-

I’d second that request. Any chance of some before pics?

Ill see what I can do over the next couple weeks here regarding the pics before I start. I would say its pretty likely as I can then hold myself more accountable regarding diet and training while on.

It is a lot of pining, however I dont really mind daily injections. The actual volume of oil is going to be rather low that im actually injecting at 1.25 cc/day. 3/4cc of prop and 1/2 cc of a tren/mast combo.

If I do use the T3 I will only go as high as 75mcg/day. Possibly only 50mcg. Will see how things go and how everything is progressing and evaluate things from there.

Cycle sounds good. I should be starting my own cutting cycle either next week or the following week. I am using the same base compounds. My only difference is tbol instead of winstrol. Good luck with getting to single digit BF.

Do you plan on getting any heavier while dropping BF? I havn’t truly cut in a while but I am still hoping to get to single digit BF without dropping below 235. Time will tell.

I definatley see some lbm coming with this cycle as well. With not doing much for legs at all in the last say 6 months a 5-10 lb addition should be rather easy there. They have been close to the 30" mark prior while at obviously a higher bf%.

In the winter a year and a half ago I hit an all time high weight of 269 lbs while still fitting into a 36" waist jeans. Currently due to buy a pair of 32".

Currently hovering at 222lbs but do expect to be somwhere between 215-220 before I start.

Contemplating adding in some humalog along with breakfast 3-4 times per week at around
8iu especially after leg days.

Looks like you guys have been cooking up some original ideas. Love to see that.

Best of luck on this run, LG. And that “internet 8%” is just comedy.

Looks like we’ll be starting at the same time then LG; good luck. Nice looking cycle. The classic triple play combo plus winny

Completed that half marathon yesterday.

2 hours and 17 mins. I was rather happy with that time as I definately hadnt trained for it as much as I should of. And it was my first go at a distance of that sort.

A couple days from now it will be time for my first leg workout in some time. I can almost feel the pain already.

Well depending on how the next couple weeks go I may have a stress test coming up on a treadmill for a job Im applying for in the fairly near future.

I know that for some tren destroys their cardio. The last time I incoroporated tren into a cycle I dont konw how it really effected me as I wasnt doing any cardio at the time.

This isnt a test that is going to be hard to pass, I just dont want too have any issues with it at all.

What Im wondering for those of you that have a lot of experience with tren ace is how soon after you discontinue use do you feel your cardio comes back to more of a normal level.

I want to start this cycle up within the next couple weeks here, but likley shouldnt go into a stress test/physical 20+ lbs over my current weight. Which I assume is where I will be 2-3 weeks after I start.

The cardio killing from tren comes pretty much immediately, and, at least in my case, it KILLS my cardio. And I have kept waiting for it to get better, like when you haven’t run for months and the first few weeks are hard but eventually you can run farther and farther with more and more ease, and it just doesn’t come. I’m pretty much relegated to the fact that my cardio will have to be either very low intensity or just suck until I finally drop the tren. So be warned. It doesn’t hurt your cardio just a little, it really takes it out.

If your test is really important, you might think about starting the tren the day after it.

Its surely what im considering. Also contemplating swapping the tren for NPP. However then its something else to purchase and trying to keep costs down as best as possible.

Maybe drop the mast/tren for a couple weeks prior and then start again right after. Should know whats up with the job front more in the next couple weeks.

You might also think about just postponing the entire cycle for another month so that you can do it the way you planned.

Ohh ive thought of that route. The only problem is that July comes right after June.

Yes I am vein and do want to look exceptionally good for summer.