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Next Blast Test C, Test EQ, Dbol, HGH?

Starting my next cycle looking for pros/cons on cycle.
Test C 3cc week m,w,f
Test EQ 3cc week m,w,f
dbol 50 mg first 6-8 weeks
hgh 2iu for first 4 weeks then up it to 4iu (2iu 2x a day) looking to do this for at least 6 months

My current bloodwork has my test at 2718 free test at 914
estradiol at 90.4 but was not a sensitive test. Dr would not do it.

Thinking about dropping the test C to 500 a week instead of 750.
Been going through the threads and cant find any other cycles like this.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

what is Test EQ?


    October 21

what is Test EQ?

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Gotcha, so you meant Test and EQ. I didnt know if you meant Test Enanthate.

Yes EQ sorry about that.

I was told the EQ part would be a 20+ week cycle. Trying to dial in how I should dose all this.

How did it go…planning on something similar…without EQ …