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Next Blast Plan. Been About 1 Year Since Last One

Starring off the blast with my normal try 2-259 week
Week 1-16 deca 1 gram a week
Days 1-14 npp about 75 mg a day
Days 1-8 more/mdeca 10mg/5mg mdeca
Weeks 1-6 dbol 50 mg day
Weeks 2-8 adrol 50 mg day
Weeks 2–24 8 iu hgh
Possible eq or orimor after blast to finish hgh cycle

This will be my biggets one yet interested to see the sides. Got caber,letro,and aromasin on stsndby

Oh and 20 Cialis every 2-3 dagdtty

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Always loved following your cycle threads!!! Glad to see you posting again zeek

I think you need more nandrolone. That’s only 1,525mg/w the first 14 weeks.

For real, that’s an insane amount of nand. And the way NPP is released you don’t need it ED. Based on actual clinical data you can go e2d and you won’t have significant drops in peak blood plasma levels. I’d drop the deca ester and just do the NPP.

Dbol and adrol together can be a BP nightmare. Have an ace inhibitor or at least a beta blocker on hand and be prepared to bail out of one of those if it gets out of hand quickly.

EQ after it’s over is a no-go. With just trt test you’ll end up destroying your e2 and it’ll make you miserable. Primo is a better choice.

Honestly, primo, nand, and about half that dose of GH should get you an insane result all on their own. But I get it, you’re experimenting and you know what you’re doing. You’ve been around the block enough to know what you can and cannot do. Just please watch your BP. That’s the one thing that actually can be a serious danger to you in the short term.


Not sure if it is a typo, but it appears he only plans to run NPP for the first 14 days, not 14 weeks. Frontloading the nandrolone using NPP so he doesn’t have to wait for the deca to kick in maybe?

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So the npp is only at begining then it will be 1 gram a week

Surprisingly the only thing that messed up my BP was sdrol

My thought exactly run primo w trt,proviron and HGH for about 24 weeks after cycle . Altho I think I’ll stay on hgh for a full year but drop it to 4iu a day for second half of year


Also @iron_yuppie I check bp twice daily and have cattapress on have I also love your feed back and your exactly right as far as hgh I might v even go to 10 iu for a while it is all experimentation but I def keep and eye on bloods as well…àlsl always love you input

Also I said I’d never touch deca but I changed my mind not only am I touching it but I think a gram a week will produce max gains without too many sides.

Turns out I cannot read. Oops.

Anyway, I love this experiment. If you could run the primo during this phase and after that would be even better.

What is “mdeca”? Obviously is methyl deca aka oral deca, but I have never heard of methyl deca. So what’s the other name I would have heard?

And do you really NEED that much of a nut kick for a kickstart? Well you don’t NEED it, you obviously WANT it, but what in your past led you to this level of kickstart. I have just done some front loading and recently been mixing in more short estered ED shots. After this thread I have to ask what else have I been missing out on? It’s like the theory behind this is “I am going to super saturate every possible receptor within the first 24-36 hours.”

Please keep us updated, I have been wanting to make up some knew cycle concepts and this plan is similar in the sense of a mix of long and short esters except I would be doing different hormones. I would also be trying to use some injectable versions of traditional orals, just as a new way to get them in there, hoping the new delivery might get some stimulated results.

Mtren/mdeca it’s a 5mg/10mgml pwo for me I like to use at begining of cycles. And yes I do like to super saturate then once I have found iv reached a plateau so to speak il switch up compounds mid cycle. Keep in mind my cycles are generally 20ish weeks long