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Next Blast Idea's

@mnben87 Got me thinking about this with your last post.

This is still some time away (roughly 3 months) so juat throwing around some ideas.

As mentioned in my comment in mnben87’s post any compound that heavy on the hair line is out, high test has me receeding and thinning so that will probably be a miss for me from now on. From what i have read on EQ it will be out too, for one anxiety is a bitch already for me so i wouldnt want to risk it. Tren is never going to happen, period.

I have tested the waters with the first 10 weeks of my last blast with deca @ 200mg p/w and it went well, no real sides. Bit of jealously and a little paranoid for no real reason but nothing serious.

I was thinking of running the test a little higher then cruise, maybe around 300mg p/w and running 4-500mg p/w of deca. With possibly dbol @ 30mg daily for the first 4-6 weeks.

Will try to get away with using p5p but will also keep caber on hand if things go south. With this low of a test dose ill avoid AI use which i find is another benefit alongside the reduction in hair loss.

Any further ideas on blasts or comments on the above plan would be awesome guys :ok_hand:

If you handled the Nandrolone well the first time I don’t see issues. I’m jealous of those that can utilize 19-nor in their arsenal. Honestly if I handled Nandrolone fine I wouldn’t shy from trying Tren but that’s just me. This would be a wetter cycle so expect good mass on but decent loss off.

I have definitely thought about it. Although just not for me. More nervous about the mental sides of it then anything else.

I was on 800 test p/w for my last blast, bumped the test from 600 to 800 when i dropped the deca. Would you say it would be similar to this with the added dbol in the beginning?

Any concerns about the test:nand ratio? It seems like anecdotal reports of deca dick are frequently accompanied by the person running more nand than test. I’ve never run nand before, so my thoughts are worth exactly how much you paid for them. :wink:

I have heard both sides. Some say high test and nand can cause it, some say higher nand then test can cause it. After a some research on the topic im more steering towards high test and high nand that cause deca dick.

First month will be testing the waters so if anything goes south ill adjust from there. Admittedly i am a little nervous to run the 500 deca but after running 200 and doing well on it im a little less so now.

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Trest with very low test (like <100mg/w) would be extremely hair safe. Trest does not convert to DHT and it’s significantly stronger than anything else available.

Thanks iron! I look into it. Whats the side effect profile look like compared to deca and tren?

Regarding your question of “would this be similar”…not really. For me moderate Nandrolone is way more effective at building mass than bumping test. Then you have the added dbol.

Yuppie at it again recruiting guys to the Trest-sect

Side effect profile is non-existent at lower doses. As you go higher—especially if you’re using too much test—e2 management can get very difficult very quickly. But it has none of the mental sides of tren or nandrolone, none of the limp dick issues of nandrolone, and it’s demonstrably better to recover from than nandrolone. It won’t do anything for your joints, and unlike tren you won’t be able to get dick skin shredded with it. It’ll hold water and glycogen like any other highly anabolic aromatizing substance, but if the dose isn’t crazy it won’t be any more bloaty than nand or even high test.

What i meant was the water weight gain and loss. Would it be similar to 800 test? I understand its pretty significant with dbol.

The aim is to stay under the gram a week of injectables so the mod test and high deca is appealing.

Well trest is sounding more and more appealing. What is a low dose? And what would be an effective dose with minimal sides from your knowledge and experience?

You could look into dhb. It seems most who try it, like it. I’ve heard it isn’t terrible in the hair. Pretty potent stuff too.

Looks like i have a bit of research to do over the next couple months. I dont know much about trest or dhb at all.

Only issue with some of these compounds is they are hard to come by in aus.