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Next Blast Idea, Thoughts?

41, long cycle history, blasts on trt now, planning my next blast:
About to blast
My plan was either

  1. 500 test and 400 deca x 12 weeks
  2. 400 test and 300 deca x 16 weeks
    Ie lower and longer.
  3. 300 test and 300 deca x 16 weeks to minimize androgen sides
    Thoughts on this?
    Goal: lean gains, min sides

Longer with lower doses is always better than shorter and higher doses for putting on size in my experience. I’d go with option 2 or 3 for 16-20 weeks.

I personally avoid deca though given the sides (deca dick, prolactin management, posdible mental sides) but at those doses you should be ok.