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Next Blast Compounds

Hi bros,

Will be finishing up my last cycle in less than 2 weeks, which was 10 weeker: test-e 500mg/wk 1-10wk and tren 100mg/EOD 7-10wk. AI was also used 0.5mg Adex EOD.
Went smoothly and leaned up really nicely so far with the tren, looking and feel great.

I’m planning the next blast of mine, about 6 weeks after this cycle finishes, no need for PCT as i am Blasting and Cruising…
I also get blood work done routinely, all is good.

My question to you all is about deciding on a combo for the blast, i can not come to a conclusion so i might just put it to the people :slight_smile:

Please keep my goals in mind for this blast

  • Moderate dosages (helping to minimize sides)
  • Aim is to be a clean bulking period
  • Keep the options to 3 different drugs maximum, (test base, and 2 others)
  • about 8-10 weeks i’m planning to for

Any ideas on clean bulking combos that have worked well will be appreciated!


With test cyp at 175mg 2x week
EQ 800weekly
4 i.u.growth upon waking pretraining

Thanks mate. Thinking the same sort of thing with running test low (300-400mg wk), using the other compounds as the main anabolics.
Are you a fan of EQ? I hear differing opinions about it…

In my experience people who don’t like some either didn’t run enough of it or give it a long enough. Unless it’s bunk. Based on the current cycle it’s either EQ or proviron at 10 to 20 mgs, not a anabolic dose but enough to limit shbg and free up the test. Have you thought about slin?


500mg E of each or 350mg of Prop and Ace of each a week.

Since you are planning on 8-10 weeks i would go with Deca mast and some good ol test, mast is not strong but will help keep water weight in check as well as dosing your AI, Deca will add a lot of thickness to you and strength and since you ran Tren previously you will look good it will also help you with joints and give you some other therapeutic advantages, you can find doses online its not hard.

Thanks guys,

Will be going with a Test/Deca/Dbol cycle being a good 12weeks.

-Test-e 500mg/wk
-Deca 500mg/wk
-Dbol 50mg first 4 weeks
Adex 0.5 EOD increasing if needed.

Haven’t touched Deca in awhile so I’m looking forward to my response.
On a side note I may bump up the the Test dosage to 800mg/wk and throw in Mast if an small invesment of mine pulls in, Fingers crossed.

Thanks again mates

Deca is the devils drug. I’ve heard some horror stories of people never regaining the ability to achieve erection even after 4 years. Apparently its not just the prolactin that causes deca dick, it actually alters your brain chemistry to stop you having any signal with your penis then no amount of viagra will ever help if your brain is fried.

No thanks.


4 years sounds odd, I ran a Deca/Test both at 750mg for 8weeks last year and never had deca dick.

You must be one of the lucky ones then. I used deca around 5 years ago and the effects lasted for 6months+.