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Next Blast Advice

I am planning my next blast. Cruise is my TRT i.e. 175mg Sustanon every week. I have done two blasts before:

  1. Week 1-12: 750mg Sustanon
  2. Week 1-12: 750mg Sustanon and wk 8-12 DBOL

I could not get much out of Sustanon on my second blast and did not want to increase its dosage so decided to add Dbol. I ate clean but aggressively on my second blast so gained quite a bit of fat.

I am currently 96kg or 211lbs 6’5" (196 cms) 15-16% bf and my goal is to add as much lean muscle as I can whilst losing fat at the same time. I am considering taking 50mg EOD tren with test cyp, and 4IU HGH for tendons and ligaments health as I have torn quite a few tendons recently. I don’t want to consider this a cutting cycle either. My questions are:

  1. If I want to gain muscle and lose fat, what should my diet look like? Should I be in moderate surplus around 300-500 calories? Or should I be in deficit of about 300 calories?

  2. Will changing test ester help? Apparently my body does not respond much to 750mg Sustanon anymore and I do not intend to increase the dosage as I already experience breathlessness and high bp at that dose.

  3. What is the ratio of test and tren do you recommend for first time tren user?

  4. What dose of tren do you suggest for first tren cycle? I have been thinking 50mg EOD Tren ace?


  1. Strength
  2. I plan to do a men’s physique show next year
  3. Gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

That seems like a really low dose of both test and tren man. Why not go 50mg ED of both test and tren? That would put you at 350/week, not too high but it should be enough to see results. You could titrate up from there if you want until the sides are too much. Research prolactin control on tren too. You said you get shortness of breath and high BP on 750 sust, what are you using to control E2? How much cardio are you doing on cycle?


Thank you for your response. Sorry missed out on the SERM. I was taking 1 tab Anastrozole EOD on blast and take 12.5mg Exemestane EOD on cruise. I am what they call “converter” so have to watch my E2 carefully.

I honestly have not decided about test dose so quite open to your feedback. Just be aware that I am unable to get much out of 750mg Sustanon anymore and can’t increase it anymore.

I have read about prolactin so will be adding Caber if I decide to progress with tren.

What do you recommend for diet? Small deficit like 300 or a moderate surplus? What about test/tren ratio? I am also prone to acne. How do you recommend I counter it?

About cardio, yeah so I didn’t do much cardio. I know I know! Mistake! I should have and frankly once I added a bit of cardio once I faced breathlessness and high BP, those issues went away. I was naturally a very lean, skinny guy with shit genetics, lol! So wanted to maximise on bulking. If I run, I will certainly have a separate cardio day which will include cycling and swimming.

Never needed any prolactin control if my test was kept at 200mg or below on tren.

Personally, if it was a recomp cycle I’d use low test with moderate tren (would only use Tren pre-comp) and t3. Nothing beats T3 for fat loss and the AAS should be keep muscle loss at a minimum, even though I believe T3 muscle loss is overrated.

If it was a lean bulk, I’d use EQ/test or Primo/test, I wouldn’t use Tren for a lean mass cycle as it kills my appetite.


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