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Next Big Three or ?

A little help here! I just got done with twelve weeks of CPT training with good size and strength gains. Now I’m looking to cut. My plan was to do CW’s “Next Big Three” two times a week, “Running Man” periodized program, T-dawg 2.0, and 4AD-EC for a little long term androgen help. I was also going to add in a few days of steady state cardio. I am currently approximately 13% body fat. I do not want to lose the strength or size gained during the last twelve weeks. Due to family and work I can only workout one time per day, in the morning. I figure the relatively low volume “Next Big Three” could maintain strength and size and give me the time to conduct four “cardio” sessions: two HIIT two steady state. I’m sort of freaking out about the low volume weights though. Thoughts, suggestions?


Do it. NB3 will kick your ass- you seriously can’t lift more than 2 times per week because of how demanding the program is, if you follow it to the letter.

I couldn’t have said it any better than my man Nick already stated.

Try the workout and you will soon understand why it is “only” twice/week!

can the deadlift walks be replaced with snatch and power cleans? like snatch on monday and power cleans on thursday?

Da Boxer

You scared to do the Waterbury Walks? Do they frighten you? Seriously though bro, those are my favorite part of the workout. My grip is improving a ton. I don’t want to put words into CW’s mouth but I think shoulders take a good hit on the overhead press squats. I think the snatch would be too much shoulder work to do on a cutting program. I’ve thought about adding walking cleans but I think the program is pretty much perfect the way it is.


scared? me? come on now Brent!!! You have no idea what Ive gone through to be were big “al” is at now! The training I’ve endured is incredible! The reason I ask is simply because I believe the snatch and cleans are geared towards boxing more! I really don’t see what the dead walks can do for me, were as the snatch and cleans can definately help with my quickness and explosion in the ring. You feel me Brent?

Da Boxer

Da Boxer

You know I was kidding, right? Well, mostly kidding. Anyway, I don’t know the sport-specific needs that the boxers have, so I don’t know how snatch, waterbury walks, or the power cleans would affect you. I’ll leave this to C-Dub and see what he thinks.


Da Boxer sent me this question personally and I answered it, but I thought I would let the rest of the forum in on the information.
For the boxer’s, er…Da Boxer’s specific goals, the snatch and power cleans can be replaced with the Waterbury Walks. I would only recommend this to a boxer, or to someone who is doing a large amount of direct shoulder endurance work. Remember, endurance work helps a muscle recover more quickly. Anyone else would probably overtrain their shoulders by replacing these two exercises with the WWs. But boxers have tremendous shoulder recovery ability due to the extremely large volume of direct shoulder work they perform while boxing. It’s kind of like putting a long-distance runner on a calf building program - they have an incredible ability to recover very quickly from maximal strength training calf sessions due to all the endurance calf work they perform.

Perfect, makes a lot of sense coach. Thanks a lot.

not a bad idea, now was it BRENT? j/k man, thanks for your input.

Da boxer