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Next 8 weeks of Recomp

I am interested in a number of your programs for rapid fat loss and body recomp and was wondering what your most recent recommendation is. I have competed the layer program for strength and size a couple of times but am looking to continue some great progress from the last 6 weeks on body recomp.

I am a former collegiate athlete that had gained some weight over my first couple years in my career and was sitting around 30% BF at 230 lbs according to a DEXA scan 6 weeks ago. I have dropped 15 lbs of fat and gained 11 pounds of muscle in the last 6 weeks according to DEXA but have been doing my own training program for the most part. I have been doing 2 pulses of 3 scoops of Mag-10 during the day, Plazma and mag-10 during workouts, followed by one meal post workout (usually salmon, cruciferous veggies, and red potatoes).

I have looked at both the 6 Weeks to Superhero and Primer 52 programs in detail and like the thinking behind both but was wondering if one of those was preferable / if they can be combined / if there is a better option. My only real limitation is that I have some damage to the clavicular head of my left pec from a tear in January 2018, so I generally avoid heavy benching but can consider getting back into it slowly.

This is fantastic for recomp and no benching…

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Appreciate it, hadn’t seen this one in a while

Zombie Apocalypse still remains one of my fav CT programs.

Thanks y’all, I think I’m going to work through this one after all.

Couple of questions for those that have done it:

  1. Metcon portion of Tuesday’s workout
    a) I can’t do a straight set of 10 pull-ups just yet, how would y’all adjust to account for that? I can either just accumulate 10 before moving on or do as many as possible and finish up with body pulls on the TRX
    b) I am not sure I can do 20 dips with the chest injury. Should I take the same approach as with pullups (just accumulate 20 slowly) or do something like bench dips or pushups instead?

  2. Overhead press Continuous ramp
    I did the first day of the program yesterday, and I was basically as strong behind the neck as I was with the military press. Anyone run into this issue? If so, how did you do the continuous ramp?

  3. Overhead walks
    I don’t think I have room to do 60m straight walking. Would y’all just do 20-30m drop the bar, turn around and do another 20-30m until you get to 60?

  4. Additional work
    Let me start by saying I know this is always asked and shot down, so I am trying to be thoughtful about this. I believe I am Neurotype 1 so like to train 6 days a week, and I am trying to think about what I might be able to add one off day. I am also 26 and a former D1 collegiate athlete so I can generally handle a high workload with the help of good peri workout nutrition.
    a) I have been trying to do some additional work on my rear delts bc I think I have some anterior rotation of my shoulders (that may have caused the clavicular pec tear). Could I add something like band face pulls in accordance with CT’s “5 Things You Can Train Everyday” (linked below)
    b) I would love to keep activating my bis and tris with the One-Day Arm Cure (linked below). I have been doing this once a week, but I don’t see much guidance on programming this into an existing program.
    c) If the one-day arm cure doesn’t make sense, would it make sense to do a Neural Charge workout on the first off day?

You cant turn around with the weight over your head ? Wtf lol

Definitely can if that’s the best approach. I think CT (maybe it was someone else) recommended not doing that on overhead carries… but if I’m wrong, I’m wrong

I think you should:

(a) keep doing what you’re doing - as it works!
(b) start coaching others in body recomp.

Seriously dude, it doesn’t get much better than that. You could jump straight into a so-called ‘fat loss’ programme (CT has just written about this when he mentioned German Body Comp) but the general advice is to keep this to later. This is something I do myself, when I’m at the so-called ‘last 5-10 lbs’. By coincidence, I started at the weekend. It’s also a great summer programme, all that sweat and motivation! Prior to that it was Fortitude Training all the way; performance went up and fat went down. Until you get a bit bored and want to push the boat out for that last bit, which is what I’m doing now.

PS - don’t injure yourself trying to adhere to any programme. If you can’t bench properly don’t. My shoulder limitations made me give it up years ago. Then I discovered I could do wide dips. Now I wonder what movement is likely to generate the most hypertrophy.

Appreciate it more than you know! I realize those are great numbers, and I feel very fortunate. I think a lot of it has just been the proper diet protocol.

Main thing is I’ve been focusing on metabolic efficiency / flexibility in line with CT’s and Dr. Jade Teta’s coaching and doing the “Pulse Feast” approach. Eating a lot of wild caught salmon for dinner, as well as cruciferous veggies and either potatoes or some frozen blueberries / cherries.

I am going to keep taking this approach but want to make sure I’m nailing the training aspect as well!