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Newt vs. the GOP


Newt appears to be fighting the GOP as much as any other "opposition".

Bob Dole; John McCain; Chris Christie; Trent Lott (just to name a few); all have PUBLICALLY come out in opposition to Newt and/or endorsed Romney; and only 11 current Senators support him.

Newt's strategy seems to be to turn himself into a "Tea Party" favorite; but the Tea Party has not been quick to endorse and/or get behind anyone.

Folks; this is not "MSLM" stuff. Newt has obviously burned some bridges over the years.

Will the "Tea Party" back him? Will it even matter?

Is Newt done; or is the "Ole' Attack Dog" going to take this thing all the way to the Convention kicking and screaming?

"True" Conservatives (define it as you wish) appear to have mixed feelings about Newt; he can surely "stick-it-to" the President; but can he win? And what about all the "baggage" he carries?

Let's discuss "All Things Newt".



My feeling is that "Newt has always been about Newt"...and Party be damned...

I think that he goes down kicking, biting and screaming...and makes the GOP Convention one of the most interesting in years.



"Et TU, Ann Coulter, Matt Drudge, Rush and others?"

(Again...this ain't just "MSLM" stuff...)



Unlike Romney who was styling himself as a 'progressive' and a 'moderate' only a few years ago? Trashing Newt who led the Republican revolution and became the first Republican speaker of the house in 40 years when Romney was an independent yet to perfect his flip-floppery?


Excellent read. His personality shouts out "me, me, me". Granted most politicians are similar but there is something extra about Gingrich that makes my skin crawl. Maybe it's the constant cheating on his two previous wives. That alone should tell us all something about not just his character, but also his degree of self-obsession. What ever makes Newt feel good Newt will do regardless of who it may harm. He will no doubt go down not kicking and screaming, but shouting and stabbing his finger in the air. And that's when his poll numbers will slide down to the level of his character.

I'm very glad that the republican party leadership is ganging up on him. They see what most of us on this board can see, that is Newt is very bad news. Bad for the party, and bad for the country.


You forgot to mention his other first as well. The first Speaker of the House to ever be removed for ethics violations. Yes, Romney was from a liberal to moderate state and has since moved center right. Call it flip-flopping, changing his mind whatever it matters not to me. Newt has a very sleazy past in both his profesional and personal life. He is my dead last choice for President among a very long list of high profile republicans.





I'm not fully buying into this "exoneration". But even so has he also been exonerated of cheating on his two former wives by carrying on long-term relations while married TWICE!

And how about his influence peddling as per frannie and freddie?

No sorry pal this guy has character issues.


Wait, who cares what you buy into? The IRS investigation completely cleared him over the one ethics charge that wasn't dropped earlier. This is why a considerable chunk of the base despises Romney and his supporters. They will defend a guy who distanced himself from Reagan and the Contract with America, while trying to tear down the man who led the Republicans out of the wilderness and into the House.

Newt had his flaws. Serious personal flaws. But this crap about going after him over the ethics charges, his commitment to Reagan, and his leadership is bunk. What did the Repubs accomplish before he left, besides becoming a majority (hint, taxes, budgets and welfare reform)? What have they done since? The rise of the tea party movement, angry with the repubs too, should answer the last.

Edit: For crying out loud, did you watch that clip about it on CNN? CNN!


Well, seeing as Romney has surrounded himself with actual lobbyists (not just consultants), even lobbyist (actual lobbyists, as in actively lobbying) for the Macs, you might ask if your guy actually gives a damn.


Hiring a lobbyist to work in a different capacity other than lobbying is not the same thing as being a lobbyist...especially for frannie and freddie. And you know that. Don't try to defend Gingrich Sloth, better you spend your posting time building up young Santorum who actually has a future in the republican party.


This is historical ignorance. Gingrich was not removed, nor did he resign over ethics violations. That's a complete falsehood.


Oooooh, so surrounding yourself with actual lobbyists (influence peddlers), who actually practiced lobbying, including for the Macs, no problem. Gee, and here I was thinking Romney was taking a principled stand!


In my mind, what Newt is had little to do with what Romney is.

To Newt's credit; he admits an EGO larger than than Life; and most likely, in order to accomplish the things that he did, you HAVE to have amazing confidence.

But I'll say it again; Newt must have burned a LOT of bridges along the way, many in his own Party.



I'll bite...what is the truth?



Gingrich resigned 2 years later, over electoral losses. He was not removed, nor did he resign, over the ethics stuff. And I ask every so-called conservative here, what exactly have the repubs accomplished since? Besides pissing off the base to such an extent as to spur the Tea-Party movement. Gingrich was badly flawed, personally. But politically, he delivered. To rewrite history so Romney doesn't look like such a progressive Republican midget in the shadow of Newt's accomplishments (just taking the House was a gargantuan achievement) is despicable.


Then there's Santorum, who doesn't have the personal scars, but also was there fighting the fight. He was pretty much the lead man on the most significant reform of a formerly untouchable entitlement in our lifetime, welfare.


I can't argue this point in history, Sloth...but what you said just doesn't "fit" with what I've read.

"Resigned because of Electoral Loses"?

If you say so. Again, I'm not up on the history of this time.