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Anyone know what stores carry T-Mag the new issue sound good. Does Barnes and Noble, etc carry it?

I’m guess you aren’t in Canada, but for anyone up here who’s interested, I know it’s sold at Chapters and Indigo. I know because I stand there and read it cover to cover whenever a new issue comes out. I always get looks from people reaching across me to grab a cop of Flex.

Hey CGB, now I understand that little motto next to your name- rice and beans!!?? THAT’S why you don’t just BUY the dang magazine like the rest of us, instead of standing in the store and reading it for free.

Bit of advice- you could save an extra 30-40c by skipping the cheese. :-))SRS


I can’t afford Swank AND Testosterone. A man’s got to have his priorities in order :wink:

CGB: You can’t fool me- I know that those “Swimsuit specials” in Musclemag and Ironman have drawn your $$'s.

Just remember which magazine and website actually GAVE you those increased Testosterone levels. Cheesh, where’s your loyalties bro??:slight_smile: SRS