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Newsstand T-mag #9

The new newsstand (paper) version of T-mag is out! This is, in my opinion, the best one yet! Here’s what you’ll get:

New, Never Before Seen Articles and Columns:

Appetite for Construction by John Berardi: This one is worth the price of the mag or subscription alone. John creates a new food pyramid and lists the top 10 best and worst foods! This info is gold!

Heavy Metal by Ian King: Ian covers the best, most underused chest exercises, training to failure, fight training and more!

Cy-Borg by Cy Willson: Cy lists the top five steroids, covers roid newbie issues, discusses what’s new in hair loss prevention and talks about how to keep gains after a cycle.

Iron Dog by Don Alessi: Don discusses pre-exhaustion techniques, ab training, quad training (like you’ve never seen it, trust me) and more!

Atomic Dog by TC: TC discusses the power of the human will.

Gut Check by Chris Shugart: In this “motivational” column, I talk about live conformist vs. dead troublemakers and why it’s good to be an outcast.

Testosterone Inquisitor: Top Ten Signs your T Levels are Low, T-man Fashion (not what you’re thinking!), and other “articles” that will probably get us sued (again).

Along with all the new stuff above, this issue also has many updated and “best of” articles about the newest supplements, arm training, new exercises, T-man travel, nutrition, bodybuilding myths and much more.

Contributors include Coach Davies, Christian Thibaudeau, Charles Staley, Dr. Lonnie Lowery and all the usual suspects.

Subscription info here!

when should sub. holders see their issue? Best mag. by far! I wish it was monthly!

got mine!

I startin’ to get the shakes…

Dammit! I just went to Hastings as they carry T-Mag and the bastards haven’t gotten it yet! Now I got my hopes up for nothing! GOTTA HAVE IT!!!

I just drove 15 minutes to buy the it and they didn’t have it yet… so I cried the whole way home.

Shugsy, do you have any idea of the retail stores that carry the print version?

I will be getting it free ASAP and report back my liking of it. Can’t wait…

I really don’t know how the distribution end of things works (remember, I’m just here to make sure the coaches spell dumbbell with two b’s), but personally I’ve seen T-mag at Hastings, Wal-Mart and some grocery stores, plus a few other bookstores (Chapters I think, maybe Borders or Barnes.) Someone also told me they found it at an airport newsstand once. One thing is for sure, they sell out very fast. At the local Hastings I go to, the new mags will be gone in one week.

The password is “subscription”. :slight_smile:

Shugsy, I know, I know:-) But my password is impatience!

Picked one up last night, just had time to flip through it a little but it looks great.

But what is that “kat” stuff I saw advertised? Red Kat maybe? I don’t remember, but the ad said its some kind of male sex enhancer from BioTest. Will it make my dick bigger or something? What’s the scoop?

Wow. Best issue ever. Seriously. Props to the graphics department!

I have a subscription. When will I get it?

If you purchase a subscription right now will you get this issue or do you have to wait until the next issue for your subscription to start?

Customer Service should be able to help out with further questions. 800-530-1940