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Newsom Recall Election

Any interest in the impending recall election of Newsom in California? Jenner released this ad recently. I’m surprised it actually kind of appealed to me. Not sure how it plays in California, though. Do liberals feel obligated to vote for the transgender candidate? Are they hypocrites if they don’t?

I wouldn’t, but I think one should vote for who they think it’s the best candidate. I think trans should have equal rights including running for office.

California, the best state by far and away… just too many damn people. Must have been utter paradise 40 years ago.

Id need to hear more about her policies and where Newsome has come up short. Voting for an outsider for the sake of an outsider is fucking stupid and ignorant. Policy positions, communication skills (not just oratory) and ability to compromise and convince from an equal position of power is what matters IMO.


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Yep, Reagan was still governor.

Getting away with killing someone would be a problem for me.

Profiting off of reality TV, and some of the worst of it is also an issue for me.

Who did Jenner kill? I never heard this.

He should have been charged with vehicular manslaughter.

Apparently the victim’s family are forgiving people.

Makes them better people than Jenner.