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Does anyone know of any good strength and conditioning newsletters that I can sign up for? I'm already up for Pavel's and Cressey's (which I must say are excellent). I just signed up for CW's, and looking for more.

If you're a T-Nation contributor, feel free to plug in a link to where to sign up for your newsletter.


We are coming out with an all out new much improved newsletter starting June 1st. Go to www.staleytraining.com and sign up!!-Jules


Eric Cressey

Mike Robertson

John Wood

Kelly Baggett


Joe DeFranco


Whoops, forgot to mention... and Charles Staley is one of the guys I'm signed up for.


Thanks a lot for the links! That's some good information to get in the old noggin'.


I'm signed up for about 50 of them. That way I know I'm not missing anything in the S&C world. I like to spend a couple hours every week just going through all of them. Excessive? Maybe, but I see it as relaxing time.


Care to list some of the ones not yet mentioned?


The ones listed will give you the best bang for your buck. I read through a lot of crap to get to the good stuff. Grapplers gym has fighting specific stuff, and the occasional good tip.
Sportspecif.com has a lot of good stuff. It stays on the edge of studies, and gives you enough of an overview for you to search pubmed and find what they are talking about without having to go to the subscription newsletter.

Not much else other than that that I would recommend polluting your inbox with. Most of the coaches here have individual websites. I am a subscriber to poliquin, but in order to get the good stuff you have to pay.


Real quick, no one mentioned AC. I get something out of almost every one of his emails, even if its just the name of another coach at the top of the field that he recommends to learn from.


Alwyn has a very good newsletter. I've been getting it for about 3 years.
He has some cool offers in there also (he just gave a free bodyweight training DVD and free shipping with his program design manual) that you don't hear about anywhere else. It's just a bonus for subscribers. Kicks ass.

What I really like, is alongside a Q&A Alwyn often interviews some other coaches and trainers (guys you may not have heard of). Good stuff and it never appears anywhere else.


A lot of guys have newsletters but it's just links to their website or reprinted articles. I hate giving my email address out so they are never worth it. The best ones have unique content.

Elitefts.com also has a really good one that you can ONLY get via email. They just sent one out today that had a killer roundtable discussion with all their team on supplements.

Joe DeFranco has another solid one, although you don't need to sing up - he prints it on his website.

Eric and Mike have just started doing newsletters too - but again, they put them up on their site too so you probably don't need to sign up - just check their websites regularly.

Anyone else have any good ones that I missed?


Thank you for the props!

I have some pretty cool stuff coming up in the newsletter over the next couple of months too.

I have about 20 interviews that I've done with different coaches over the past few years that I might release as a book. It will be on sale to newsletter subscribers at a deal before anyone else can get it.



Thanks for the newsletters everyone. Now, I'm signed up for about 10 of them. Good stuff!
Alwyn, I'm looking forward to the interviews.


Dave Draper has a neat news letter you might like. It doesnt mention too much on do this for so many reps & sets, but comes off in a story format contex. Theres knowledge in there but you have to read between the lines and its kind of different.


Don't forget that T-Nation has its own!

Info here:


Lots of stuff appears in the Weekly Dose that doesn't appear on the website.


Actually, I was wondering about that. As long as we're members of T-Nation, we're supposed to get this email every week, right (correct me if I'm wrong)?
For some reason, it seems that I'm not getting anything. I made sure that my email address is the correct one, and still nothing. Any ideas?


Nope; that was just for the first installment while I got my glitches ironed out. They're exclusive to confirmed subscribers now; sorry! :wink:

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. FYI, I've got an awesome interview with Bob Youngs coming out next week; as one of the best powerlifters in the world today, he provides a ton of awesome stuff. The guy has more under the bar knowledge than almost anyone you'll meet.



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Thanks! I guess my problem is the yahoo account.


how could we forgot good ol Dan John


Along the same lines, Mike B's newsletter